We understand that building a diverse work environment can be challenging. The Halifax Chamber of Commerce wants to support your business through this process. The population your organization serves is a diverse one and people want to see themselves reflected in the work your organization carries out.

A multitude of backgrounds and experiences help you to cultivate your product/ service to appeal to a much wider range of audiences. Meaning more traffic and notoriety for your business or organization.

Will Yang, our Community Engagement Specialist, will be working with our members to help provide insights as well as educate your business/organization on best practices when implementing your DEAI strategies

Hiring a diverse and vibrant workforce is at the core of any DEAI philosophy. However, it is often the first and most difficult step. This is extremely important for your organization's ability to foster relationships of trust with communities that have been under-served or excluded from opportunity, and to further refine your product or service to better suit the population you serve.

Where do I start?

Knowing what you do not know is the most important piece. Many organizations are not very well connected to equity-deserving groups, which is why it is important to start with those inside of your network who might be connected to a certain community. This does not mean you should hire the first person within a certain group you are connected with. Connecting with equity-deserving communities is just the start of this process!

There are many established groups along with emerging supports in the region to help you connect to various communities. Below you can find a list of some of those organizations.

  • Placemaking 4G

    “Values-aligned recruiting, resulting in organizational and personal growth”.

    Learn more here

  • Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS)

    ISANS recognizes the key role of immigrants in Canadian society. We work with newcomers to help them build a future in Canada. We provide a wide range of services to immigrants, from refugee resettlement to professional programs, from family counselling to English in the Workplace.

    Learn more here

  • MetroWorks

    “Since 1978, MetroWorks has helped thousands of people overcome obstacles and realize their employment and educational goals. From its beginnings as a pioneer in community based economic development MetroWorks has continued to evolve and remain relevant to the needs of our community.”

    Learn more here

  • Diversity Employment Network

    Adding diverse voices and a wide range of experiences to the culture of a workforce increases engagement and builds a safe and inclusive space for meaningful connections to be made.

    Learn more here

  • Distinctability Inc., Brain In Hand Canada

    "Distinctability provides technology and people-focused solutions for employment, education, & life for people with disabilities and mental health support needs, and for those who support them."

    Learn more here

  • Easter Seals Nova Scotia

    "Through a variety of programs and businesses, we support clients as they develop skills related to increased independence and enhanced community integration."

    Learn more here

  • reachAbility

    "At reachAbility we offer many services to the few. That means whether you’re coming to us for employment workshops, self-management help, or for assistance that might fall outside our traditional programming, we’ve got you covered."

    Learn more here

  • LakeCity Works

    "There are many benefits to the employer who invests in hiring an individual supported by LakeCity Employment: encouraging diversity and inclusion, reducing the stigmas around mental illness, accommodating employees to ensure maximum productivity, increased job satisfaction of workers, less absenteeism, increased productivity, less staff turnover, and lower payroll costs."

    Learn more here

Reaching communities where they are.

Think of the ways you currently promote a job opportunity. Consider what gaps that may exist that leave marginalized communities out in your current hiring process. Even when trying to mitigate any discouraging verbiage or promotional material, you may still be surprised by the lack of diversity you see in applications. This is why intentional, strategic hiring practices are so important.

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