The Halifax Chamber of Commerce is pleased to offer safe, affordable, fun and unique experiences all around the world through our travel partners!

Trips are offered annually to both members and future members.

We are currently taking 90 passengers to Vietnam in February!

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2018: 10-day trip to China with Citslinc

2019: 9-day trip to India with Indus Travel

2023: 9-day trip to Vietnam with Citslinc


Please contact Emma Menchefski if you have any questions about our travel program.

Emma Menchefski

Emma Menchefski

Communications Manager

(902) 481-1239

Email Emma

Need help securing a visa?

CIBTvisas and the Halifax Chamber of Commerce are partnering to bring you ease when you go traveling! Check out the site here for more information and discounted rates.

Please note the trip to Vietnam in February 2023 is now closed.

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