Advocacy FAQ

What is the Halifax Chamber of Commerce?

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce is a best-practice, business advocacy organization that continuously strives to make Halifax an even more attractive city in which to live, work and play. Together the approximately 1,900 member businesses and their over 85,000 employees act as a single, powerful voice through the Chamber to promote local business interests. The volunteer board of directors and Chamber staff undertake initiatives by request of, and on behalf of our diverse membership.

The role of the Chamber in achieving it's vision is to build and strengthen the business culture through a strong membership of the Halifax business community and advocating on their behalf.

What are the Chamber's key focus areas?

We focus on competitive taxation, reducing red tape and common sense regulations, and a frictionless business environment. For more information, please reference the Chamber's Strategic Plan.

What does the Chamber think?

The Chamber is the voice of local business and from time to time with take a stance on a particular topic to represent our membership. Learn more about topical issues in our Policy Library or contact Kent Roberts, Vice President, Policy, to discuss local business issues.

Where do you find Chamber advocacy positions on issues?

Please reference our Policy Library. Choose one of the categories or use the search function for a specific issue.

Does the Chamber advocate at the federal level?

Yes, the Chamber advocates to all levels of government; municipal, provincial, and federal. Please reference our Policy Library for municipal budget notes, provincial pre-budget submissions and letters to the federal government.

How can I volunteer with the Chamber?

Employees of any Chamber member company can apply to volunteer on our task forces or ambassador committee. Please contact Kent Roberts, Vice President, Policy, to inquire about volunteer engagement.

Would the Chamber buy a table or otherwise sponsor an event?

As a not-for-profit organization, we have limited funds to support external events and organizations. With over 1,900 members, we don’t have the capacity to support everyone’s events. We will, however, promote your event in our newsletter and if you tag us on social media and we do our best to reshare your posts. Contact Quinn Anderson, our PR Coordinator at for more info.

Do the Chamber board members have offices at the Chamber?

No. Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers who hold full-time positions at local businesses. Information about our Board of Directors can be found here.

Does the Chamber hold monthly meetings?

No. We do, however, hold an Annual General Meeting in the Spring and we hold over 100 events per year- ranging in size and style from small informal networking events to large formal gatherings at our dinners.

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