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Join us in revitalizing and reenergizing Halifax's downtown economy.

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Are you a landlord, tenant, retail shop or restaurant operator in the Downtown of Atlantic Canada’s biggest city?

Are you excited to see people returning to work in the Downtown and want to ensure they remain excited and engaged to be there?

Do you or your staff have an idea that just needs a little jump start to bring it to life and make that experience even more exciting for them?

Canada’s downtowns are the lifeblood of our big cities. The micro economies of these cities’ Downtowns have been devastated since the beginning of the pandemic, and Halifax/Dartmouth was no exception. Help us bring our Downtowns back to life and drive the economic recovery of our region and the country!

Join us in creating small, impactful activations in your building or organization that will enhance the experience of people that work Downtown everyday, while enticing new workers and businesses to consider Downtown as the place they want to be!

Collage of photos of Downtown Halifax: groups of people sit at picnic tables at the Armview Restaurant, the Halifax boardwalk for the view of a boat, the Halifax skyline from Georges Island, and a person gestures towards a large mural painted on a wall
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Tell us how YOU want to bring energy back to Downtown Halifax!

The Halifax Chamber will select 10 proposals of varying ideas and provide the accepted proposals with $6,000 to cover the costs of the project. We are looking for unique ideas that can be executed easily and align with the objectives of the I Love Working Downtown program.

Project examples include ideas like:

  • Restaurants having an outdoor BBQ Day for the building
  • Free gym memberships for a month for building tenants
  • Building Lunchtime entertainment
  • Outdoor workspaces
  • Submission details

    Applications closed on August 15, 2022.

    Selected projects announced above.

    Activations of these projects will take place from September to December, 2022.

    Preference will be given to events/activations hosted on weekdays.


If you have any questions about the I ❤️ Working Downtown project, please contact our Communications Manager, Emma Menchefski.

Emma Menchefski

Emma Menchefski

Communications Manager

(902) 481-1239

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