Setting the standard

Setting the standard

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There is no question that our society has changed—so have our security needs and demands. Fivestar is leading the evolution of the safety and security industry in Nova Scotia by taking a community-first approach, implementing the Positive Society Impact System (PSIS) of harm reduction, de-escalation, and social responsibility.

With years of experience working within marginalized communities, our local family-owned company can truly appreciate, understand, respond, and contribute to the new challenges faced by our province. We have revolutionized our approach to business operations by becoming the first socially conscious and responsible security organization in Atlantic Canada. By joining this global movement of responsible businesses, industry, and government, Fivestar has made a solid corporate commitment to execute our services with empathy and compassion while giving back to our community.

What is positive impact?

In the modern world, “social impact” isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a movement. This movement, first coined as the “impact revolution” in 2007, advances a vision of doing well while doing measurable good. The impact revolution is being fueled by a rising generation of millennials who are both uniquely skeptical and empathetic, having come of age amid unprecedented global connectivity, access to data, and economic crisis. It speaks to what humanity can achieve when we come together. Positive social impact refers to the positive effects of an individual or organization’s actions on people and the planet. This can include improving people’s health, increasing access to education, promoting equality, and supporting the local economy.

Time for positive change

This is more than a slogan; it is a complete change in the corporate culture and ideology of the security industry. In the traditionally low-paid, low-skilled, and often ineffective security industry, Fivestar is changing for the better. We have implemented a new training program for our professional officers, who are trained and certified to the highest national standards. Using a healthcare and customer service approach, our officer graduates receive specialized training in addictions, mental health, poverty, cultural sensitivity, and homelessness. This nationally-accepted accreditation is designed to serve and protect while understanding other perspectives and de-escalating situations with dignity and respect.

Employee impact

A truly positive impact approach includes securing the safety, respect, and wellbeing of officers who are often faced with harassment, danger, racism, and conflict. Fivestar’s commitment to PSIS is made to ensure that our diverse and inclusive workforce is protected, treated fairly, and with respect. They are compensated appropriately—above traditional minimum wage standards of the industry—based on their certification levels and accomplishments. This professional recognition directly affects their sense of value and worth, while improving their personal standard of living.

Community impact

As part of its commitment, Fivestar continues to support youth sports, Special Olympics, and other worthy causes while also introducing new and measurable community initiatives. We support the community that supports us, giving back in positive and measurable ways.

Fivestar has committed to the Premier’s newly formed Nova Scotia Guard for emergency response. We will also be volunteering any required assistance including manpower, resources, and equipment when activated. In response to the current housing crisis, Fivestar will be building and managing a 50-unit affordable housing complex. This unique facility has been designed to provide a sense of pride to individuals and families and is scheduled to start construction in early 2025.

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