Rediscover your inner champion

Rediscover your inner champion

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A few short years ago, Ann-Marie Flinn was in a 30-year corporate career that felt unfulfilling. From the outside, she appeared successful in all aspects of her life. What people didn’t know was that she was struggling with unresolved trauma that impacted her physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Flinn underwent a transformation, or what she calls a “spiritual awakening,” while taking a leave of absence from her career. It was then that she found her passion. Flinn wanted to help others, particularly women, find their own passion and live their true authenticity. While working a full-time job, being a mom and competing in sports, Flinn completed courses in coaching, leadership, facilitation, and a variety of wellness certifications from world renowned programs.

That led to Flinn leaving her high-profile career three years ago to launch her own business, Champion Foundational Change Agency, bringing evidence-based knowledge and skills to her clients. As a workplace wellness facilitator, keynote speaker, and mindset coach, Flinn has guided and inspired thousands of people through their professional and personal journeys.

Flinn offers a variety of individual and corporate programs through her agency, including transformational programs and retreats specifically curated for female leaders in mind. Through her own experience, Flinn understood the power of retreats to prioritize self-care in a supportive environment. In November 2021, Flinn launched, and sold out, her very first Champion Yourself to Wellness Women’s Retreat.

“Overall, by engaging in this retreat, the participants played an active role in the rediscovering of their inner champion,” says Flinn. “The coming together of these women allowed them to experience physical, mental and emotional experiences by empathizing and connecting with themselves and each other. Participants experienced ‘a-ha’ moments that triggered transformational shifts and helped them create deep and powerful change.”

The depth and success of Flinn’s retreat was felt and flagged by all the participants, some of whom have already signed up for a new retreat this spring. Vicki Bates, a local business owner, says she was feeling like she needed a break from her work to focus on herself and some decisions that had to be made in her professional and personal life.

“I needed time for me, to be able to detach completely and give myself the space to decompress,” says Bates. “What I didn’t expect was the overwhelming amount of positivity and transformative information that allowed me to see more of myself, which has ultimately helped me understand mental mindset and the ‘why’ behind my decisions.”

Fellow participant, Lisa Peck, says that the retreat gave her inspiration while discovering what may be holding her back from facing certain issues in her life. “The workshops were profound, emotional, and helped us face some truths,” she says. “The power of having a group of females together, being honest, supportive and engaging is immeasurable.”

As Flinn continues her quest to promote and engage female leaders, she’s created new retreats for 2022. Her holistic healing techniques, cognitive coaching and connection exercises are only a few of the highlights within the breathtaking atmosphere of Windhorse Farm in Wenzell Lake, N.S.

“I continue to create ways to engage individuals, and specifically other women, to manifest the outcomes of their own success,” says Flinn. “When we live from our true authenticity, we can create, lead and thrive in this imperfect world.”

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias and Flinn says she wants to be a part of the solution that empowers women to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive world.

“My mission is to help women live with purpose and passion. While we’ve made great strides over the past 50 years, there’s so much more to be done. Moving from a limiting mindset to rediscovering our inner champion is the key to living and thriving with joy.”

Find out more about Champion Foundational Change Agency and the upcoming June 10th-12th women’s retreat at:

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