Online fitness options provide flexibility, value, and convenience

Online fitness options provide flexibility, value, and convenience

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(Member since 2023) | Published: November 7, 2023

This is a guest post from SpringStart Health and Fitness
(Member since 2023)

Like many other services, fitness classes can be done online. The popularity of this option grew exponentially when we had to socially isolate but has now been accepted as a viable option with its own many benefits. Fitness industry statistics in 2023 report that 77 per cent of Canadians prefer the convenience of exercising from home, and 70 per cent say they would exercise more at home. Convenience is the chief reason people choose online fitness workouts, but others opt for virtual sessions because they can be more discrete.

People who are motivated by working out with others but have responsibilities and schedules that do not allow for a lot of time out of the house on a weekly basis find the convenience of online workouts essential to their health. Some clients find the discretion that online workouts provide important, especially when they begin exercising — when they would not be comfortable in a gym.

Some extra considerations need to be made to make virtual fitness effective. Online classes require the right video equipment so that a coach can observe a client’s technique and body positioning. Activities need to be sequenced carefully so that the participants can follow directions effectively and efficiently and the technology, internet connection, and space you use as an instructor has to be reliable. You have to have a clean background, the right lighting, and a sound system able to deliver a high-quality session.

As a gymnastics instructor for 20 years, I learned to give clear and effective directions. My transition from in-person fitness to fitness online was a natural one because I was accustomed to clearly cueing and coaching children at various skill levels. These details were extremely important for gymnastics. Working with adults requires the same awareness of individual abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

People are now much more aware of the ways that health and fitness improve quality of life and help avoid the loss of mobility and independence. Classes are developed to suit a wider range of clients. Lower impact workouts and exercises with modifications are ways to help people who have less dexterity, flexibility, and strength as they restart their health journey. For this purpose, qualified instructors can opt to be certified in specific areas, such as active aging. Studies consistently prove the connection between mental health, cognitive skills, and regular physical exercise, and the fitness industry has responded.

For people who are not sure how the in-person gym experience translates to the online environment, instructors check in with individuals in both private and semi-private sessions to see what’s been happening. They can find out if any issues have developed on a daily or weekly basis. Being comfortable communicating online helps a client feel a sense of community with other people with similar goals. Clients can still get individual support and enjoy the convenience and discretion of an online session. If you opt for a smaller studio experience, even smaller studios have shower facilities for the clients’ use, providing many of the same amenities as full gyms.

Most services provide free demonstration sessions so you can get a feel for it at no initial cost. If you find it difficult to commit to a gym, for a variety of reasons, but still want to benefit from fitness classes, consider the online option. Clients can often mix in-person and online classes, small group, and individual sessions to get the best benefits from all options.

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