Grateful for our community

Grateful for our community

< Back to Articles | Topics: From the President | Contributors: Patrick Sullivan, President & CEO | Published: November 12, 2020

For most of us, November isn’t the same November we experienced last year. The Halifax Chamber would normally be gearing up for our annual Fall Dinner during the fall months. We would spend our days developing relevant themes, securing speakers, choosing menus and preparing to host 800 guests at the Halifax Convention Centre.

This year, while I am disappointed that we cannot gather like we used to, I have to admit I am grateful for a chance to connect with the business community in a different way.

Through the NSBLEC calls I lead every week, I speak to hundreds of representatives from chambers across the province, our members, associations, not-for-profits and labour groups, about government funding, next steps, and how the Chamber can support our local businesses better.

Through our webinars twice weekly, I meet new and existing members who are experts in fields I wish to learn more about, like mental health in the workplace or how businesses in other markets in Canada are coping.

Through my participation in the Canadian Global Cities Council, I speak with my colleagues across the country about federal trade issues and what more they can do for businesses.

Through our Trade Accelerator Program, I meet new exporters looking to grow their business not just in Nova Scotia but across the world.

And finally, through Business Voice, I read about all sorts of interesting, passionate and innovative people who make their living from right here in Halifax.

Most recently, I am happy to have participated in live events with our members like our Business After Hours a few weeks ago in downtown Halifax.

Through all of these ways, I am staying connected. As we approach the merciless winter in Atlantic Canada, I want to take a moment to remind us all to keep connecting, whatever that may look like.

It’s easy to slip away from those conversations without that in-person touch, and I know we’re feeling zoomed out. I know we miss our family and friends from outside of the bubble. I know the shorter days and colder winds make it harder on our mental health.

So, Halifax – let’s work together. Let’s challenge ourselves to keep in touch with loved ones and with colleagues, new and old. Let’s get out and see people, safely. Let’s go to meetings live! Let’s keep finding new ways to network when we are unable to go live – a virtual wine night, a Netflix watch party, a livestream concert in your pyjamas on the couch.

At the Halifax Chamber, we’re always looking for a fresh networking idea. Reach out to us! Tell us how you want to connect with other Chamber members. Maybe it’s just an introductory email, or maybe it’s a virtual networking session with a designated topic.

We want to hear from you. We want to support our businesses and individuals and keep the conversation going, whether virtual or distanced and masked.

Hold onto those connections, Halifax, and together, we will see a bright spring blooming with possibilities.

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