Four marketing trends set to make an impact in 2023

Four marketing trends set to make an impact in 2023

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What game-changing trends will make waves this year?

If the first two years of the pandemic were a collective bad dream, we’re all waking up in 2023 with a sigh of relief. As we settle into the new normal of working and collaborating both virtually and in person, a set of marketing trends is in the works, shaping how we do business.

The coming year will usher in novel technologies, strategies, and tools that will help us relate meaningfully to our brands and to each other. Keep reading to discover our predictions of four game-changing trends that will make waves in 2023!

Reputation matters

Protecting a brand’s reputation is a challenge in the best of times. A lingering symptom of 2020 is a polarized public, which is a tricky phenomenon for brands to navigate. From social media to review sites and testimonials, consumers can learn about a business through multiple channels that aren’t managed by the brand’s marketers.

Attracting new audiences without pushing away existing market segments — while simultaneously remaining accountable for all online content that’s connected with the brand — calls for an intense alertness in reputation management.

While juggling a renewed concern for reputation and audience connection will be a major challenge in 2023, there’s a silver lining: it will infuse brand-client relationships with valuable self-awareness and a strong sense of accountability.

Interactive content

Long gone are the days of consumers passively gazing at ads that may or may not be relevant to them. Today, the most effective advertisements aren’t static billboards but dynamic and immersive experiences. Interactive content feels more relatable and original, and it gives customers a reason to remain on the page.

In 2023, self-directed customer journeys will become even more prevalent, and interactive content that encourages audience participation and promotes engagement will continue to grow in popularity. From instant quotes to live streaming to fun quizzes to gamification, interactivity will help facilitate two-way relationships between clients and brands.

Flourishing influencer-brand partnerships

There’s no way around the fact that influencer marketing has exploded in recent years, with brands projected to spend $22 billion on influencer marketing throughout 2022. What will change in the coming years, however, is the nature of the partnership between influencers and brands as creators become invested in developing consistent, long-term relationships with the brands they represent and collaborate with. If in the past those partnerships were one-off deals, they are set to become ongoing and mutually reciprocal, which means we can expect to see greater authenticity and trust in influencer marketing.

Back to basics

In the past few years, companies have been inundated with rapid changes in the marketplace comprising new audiences, channels, and methods. Even the savviest marketers can quickly become overwhelmed if they try to anticipate, respond to, and implement all the latest trends without carefully separating proven strategy from hype.

We predict that 2023 will be the year that marketing leaders will go back to basics. Starting with a clean slate of marketing fundamentals, companies will evaluate what works and what doesn’t for a robust digital strategy, and marketers will be more thoughtful and intentional about what’s really worth investing in.

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