Collaborating to offer valuable support to rural journeypersons

Collaborating to offer valuable support to rural journeypersons

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This year, the Department of Labour and Advanced Education’s Workplace Initiatives team joined forces with the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency (NSAA) to create a unique opportunity for certified trades persons living and working in rural Nova Scotia.

In December of 2017, a co-hort of 18 journeypersons successfully completed the inaugural Atlantic Trades Business Seal Program (ATBS) in Atlantic Canada at the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), IT Campus located in Halifax.

Journeypersons are highly skilled in their trades, but often require supports in the many other aspects of running a business. This is where the business seal program fits ideally with the business programs offered through Workplace Initiative’s popular program: Workplace Education (WEI).

A number of people who take advantage of the Workplace Education programs are journeypersons, some of whom are running second generation family businesses in their respective communities. A steering team from the apprenticeship agency and Workplace Education worked behind the scenes to design business training that aligned with the outcomes required for the courses in ATBS.

Embracing adult education principles of just-in-time learning, relevant content, and flexible delivery, the WEI and NSAA collaboration meets the specific needs of skilled trades business owners and managers in rural Nova Scotia. Certified trades persons who aspire to develop the business and management skills that will enable them to progress and/or operate their own company are eligible for the ATBS program as part of the WEI opportunity.

The ATBS certificate, often referred to as “the blue seal”, is recognized as an Atlantic Region credential. If you are interested in the ATBS opportunity through WEI, please visit:

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