We can do it again!

We can do it again!

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December snuck up on us yet again, and we find ourselves in a similar situation to March. This time, however, is different. And I’ll let you know why – because we have crushed this before and we can do it again!

We know how to contain this spread and flatten the curve like we already have once before. For the short time being, we need to limit our social contact. Limit our gatherings, keep our bubbles consistent and limit travel in and out of Nova Scotia. Wear a face mask anywhere we go, clean high-touch surfaces, disinfect regularly, wash our hands and maintain social distance.

We all have a part to play. Shutting down the spread we have right now in Halifax means high-traffic businesses are shutting down temporarily. That includes bars and restaurants, with small businesses and retail stores having limited capacity.

Their reduced traffic is all the more reason to support local. We have a responsibility to support our local economy and small businesses, especially during this holiday season. They were relying all year on this holiday season, as well as on the Atlantic bubble, to provide them with much-needed revenue after the lockdown in March and the restrictions that continued throughout the following months. Our local economy depends on how you decide to spend your holiday shopping this year.

Supporting local can be done easily and safely from the comfort of your own home. Stay inside and order online. Order take out or gifts from local stores. Here’s a fantastic list of small local businesses that could use your support, created by a member of our community. Or if you feel comfortable enough, go visit local shops for safe in-person or curb-side pickups. But, again, make sure to wear your mask, wash your hands and maintain physical distancing.

The Chamber continues to support its members, small businesses and the business community throughout this pandemic. We have assembled and maintained up-to-date resources available on our website. We hold NSBLEC meetings regularly with members of the business community and speak to government officials to keep an open channel of communication and information.

We are still hosting free webinars, accessible to all, to keep everyone informed and supported. Even though our two in-person events for December were rescheduled for the new year, we still have lots of great virtual events happening over this month. Make sure to check them out and register.

We have been here before; we beat the odds and can do it again. The new year is almost here, and what it has in store for us depends on the actions we take right now. Let’s finish this year strong and usher ourselves into a new one on a good note with hope and a positive outlook to what’s yet to come.

We look forward to getting together with you all, safely, in 2021. And until then, from the Chamber team and I, we wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

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