Transformative care

Transformative care

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, innovation stands as the beacon guiding the way toward improved patient outcomes, enhanced treatments, and more efficient healthcare delivery. Dartmouth General Hospital and Nova Scotia Health are making significant strides in medical innovation, particularly in the integration of robotic assistance and laser technology into surgical procedures. These advancements are revolutionizing patient care and surgical outcomes in orthopedics and urology.

In orthopedic surgery, through the Fred Smithers Centre for Orthopedic Care, Dartmouth General has introduced the Mako SmartRobotics system, providing surgeons with unparalleled precision and control during procedures. This system allows for meticulous pre-surgical planning in 3D, ensuring optimal implant placement tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy. Dr. Jennifer Leighton and her team recently achieved a national milestone by performing the first total hip replacement surgery in Canada using the Mako system. This groundbreaking technology not only improves surgical outcomes but also holds the potential to reduce the need for revision surgeries, ultimately alleviating the burden on patients and the healthcare system.

This robot was made possible by the Dickey family who made the first gift, and over ten companies in Burnside that have stepped up and collectively raised $275,000 for the robot as part of the Burnside for DGH campaign this year. They include Duron, Atlantic Electronics Ltd. (AEL), Quality Concrete, Vanity Fashions, MacKinnon and Olding, True Foam, Mach, Gastops, Atlantic Digital, Burnside Brewing Company, Car Star and Spar Marine Limited.

Dartmouth General Hospital is also leading the way in urological care with the introduction of the MOSES 2.0 Holmium Laser. Spearheaded by Dr. Jonathan Moore, this laser technology is set to transform the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), offering same-day discharge, reduced risk of bleeding, and enhanced patient safety. Dr. Moore’s depth of experience with the MOSES laser, gained during his fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, underscores the effectiveness and reliability of this cutting-edge technology.

Stephen Harding, CEO of Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation comments, “The benefits of these advancements extend beyond improved surgical outcomes. Patients undergoing robot-assisted orthopedic procedures and laser-based urological treatments experience less pain, quicker recovery times, and shorter hospital stays. Additionally, the reduced risk of complications and the potential for same-day discharge contribute to overall patient satisfaction and well-being.”

The adoption of robotic and laser technologies at Dartmouth General Hospital aligns with global trends in minimally invasive surgery. Robot-assisted procedures offer enhanced precision and maneuverability, while laser technology enables surgeons to perform delicate surgeries with minimal tissue damage and bleeding. These advancements not only improve patient outcomes but also optimize resources, ultimately reducing healthcare costs associated with prolonged hospital stays and post-operative complications. This is a big win for Nova Scotia patient care.

Dartmouth General Hospital’s commitment to innovation in robotic and laser-assisted surgery is transforming the landscape of orthopedic and urological care. By harnessing the power of these cutting-edge technologies, DGH is revolutionizing surgical practices, improving patient outcomes, and setting new standards of excellence in healthcare delivery. As these advancements continue to evolve, Dartmouth General Hospital remains at the forefront of medical innovation,

Al MacPhee, Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation Lead On Campaign Chair comments, “This is a transformational time for not only DGH but for our province and region. These advancements have become a reality from the generosity of our donors who recognize what is possible when we mobilize as a community. We thank all of our supporters to date and look forward to bringing many others along with us on this important journey, ensuring that Nova Scotian patients receive the highest quality of care available.”

To learn more about the Lead On capital campaign raising funds to support these innovations, call 902-460-4149 or visit:

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