Together again

Together again

< Back to Articles | Topics: From the President | Published: May 4, 2021

It seems strange to be back once again to mostly ZOOM screens here at the Chamber. I’m sure many other organizations are doing and feeling the same. After a year full of virtual meetings and online events, we are better prepared to take this new round of restrictions head on.

We have been through it before: we beat it, we came out on top, and we supported our local businesses throughout the year. And I’m still hopeful, because we can do it all over again. Now is the time to buckle down, and we know very well what needs to be done. Continue wearing your masks, wash your hands, limit your gatherings and stay in your consistent bubble. Enjoy the outdoors while maintaining six feet apart. Being extremely cautious for the next few weeks, especially with the variants, will pay off during the summer months when we can be together again.

Vaccination is underway in our province, and we are among the best in Canada with over 27% receiving their first shot already (as of April 27, 2021). It’s still our best chance to regain confidence in our ability to get back to pre-pandemic economic strength and growth. If you are hesitant about vaccines, check out the #TogetherAgain campaign. It can help you overcome your reservation and keep up to date as it breaks down the efficacy, safety and benefits of getting vaccinated. The campaign’s mission is to get the word out, encourage Canadians to commit to vaccinations and support their communities. I also urge employers at all levels to give their employees paid time off to get tested regularly and eventually vaccinated. This is a necessary organizational step in curbing the spread, supporting the vaccination plans and reaching that light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

Meanwhile, the work never stops. Planning for next steps and the future should remain the main focus, as we continue to monitor COVID updates and adjust our plans accordingly. This is the time to ensure we are prepared for economic recovery.

The hard-hit tourism sector is a great example of how organizations are planning for a post-covid future while formulating contingency scenarios for the unknown. Read this issue’s interview story with Develop Nova Scotia and Halifax International Airport Authority to find out more and how.

At the same time, don’t forget to support our local business community. Small businesses are suffering greatly and with a new round of restrictions, they need our help. Order in from your local restaurants, curbside pickup essentials from your local corner stores and online shop at Nova Scotian businesses.

Let me end by saying this: Change is inevitable and it’s the only constant. We know that, and we know it too well by now. This situation is ever evolving. So, let’s keep an eye on it, do our part, commit to safely getting to the end and stay resilient by planning for what’s next. And that’s what we are continuing to do here at the Chamber.

If you’re ever in doubt, have unanswered questions or not sure what to do next, feel free to reach out to me or the team. We are more than happy to answer your questions or help you find solutions.

We’re in your corner.

#TogetherAgain campaign can help you overcome your reservation and keep up to date as it breaks down the efficacy, safety and benefits of getting vaccinated.

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