The Tide’s in

The Tide’s in

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Nova Scotian wineries have created their own registered distinction, putting a label on their crisp, aromatic white wines. The name, Tidal Bay, is synonymous with the coastal vineyards of its origins and the ever-present influence of the sea on the growing grapes and finished wines. Since its debut in 2012, the Tidal Bay Appellation has become Nova Scotia’s signature wine.

Tidal Bay is produced from a blend of 100 per cent Nova Scotia grown grapes, primarily L’Acadie Blanc, Seyval, Vidal and Geisenheim, all North American hybrid grapes tested to endure heartier winters. Additional white wine varietals grown in Nova Scotia are used in smaller percentages to add certain aroma and taste characteristics based on the vision of each winemaker. The result of this blend is a crisp, clean taste, refreshing acidity and saline minerality, that is delicious on its own and pairs beautifully with any summer cuisine, local seafood, and soft cheeses.

Appellations are blended wine styles characteristic of the region in which the grapes are grown. If we look to the major wine regions of the world, it’s said what grows together, goes together and that is exactly what this appellation has done. Nova Scotia now has a wine worth celebrating alongside its world-renowned lobster and scallops.

With increasing awareness and developing palate for Nova Scotia wines amongst locals, the wine industry in Nova Scotia has experienced tremendous growth, which has enabled the industry to take the Nova Scotia wine story to the world, attracting an ever-growing audience beyond the province’s borders. Thanks to the export development activities of the wineries and the rising popularity of culinary tourism, Nova Scotia wineries hosted more than 110,000 visitors to the province in 2016. Visitors are learning of the high quality of Nova Scotia wines, the passion of the winemakers and the influx of talented wine professionals from all over the world, all of which position Nova Scotia as an exciting emerging wine region.

As you plan your travels around Nova Scotia this summer, or if you are hosting visitors, take time to stop in Wine Country and taste the great wines being produced here at home.

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