Taking a step forward with new transitions ahead

Taking a step forward with new transitions ahead

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We couldn’t be more pleased with the tremendous accomplishments of the past month. Establishing the Atlantic bubble shows how the Maritime provinces were able to follow regulations and restrictions, flatten the curve, quickly lower our COVID-19 cases and focus on healthcare and their residents’ safety. As a result, we’re able to travel in the Atlantic provinces and support our economy with staycations.

Beginning July 3, Nova Scotia will be welcoming travellers from Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick and PEI. Encourage your relatives and friends to visit our beautiful province. And to ease their concerns about safety, the Halifax Chamber along with many local businesses are making the POST Promise.

The POST promise, short for People Outside Safely Together, was designed to instil confidence in Canadian consumers as we take our first steps back into public spaces and the workplace. If you see the POST Promise logo at any establishment, rest assured that they’re doing their part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Be part of the campaign and make the POST promise here. And if you already have, make sure to share photos with us of your space proudly showcasing the logo and we will share it on our channels.

You can also let your travelling friends and family know about Re-Open City. Every year, Halifax launches the Open City campaign during the summer focusing on local businesses and their offerings. This year, the campaign pivoted to showcase the resiliency of those businesses post-pandemic. Re-Open City is extending the focus on those businesses who need our help over four weekends in July. What a great initiative and a fun twist on a beloved campaign.

The Halifax Chamber has also partnered with Discover Halifax and Halifax Partnership on a campaign called Buy Halifax. Launched on June 25, the campaign provides an opportunity for locals to show their support for our Halifax businesses throughout the summer. Using the hashtag #ImOnBoardNS, shoppers can post and share their purchases at local establishments. Whether it be retail, hospitality or food and beverages, Buy Halifax is for local from the locals. It’s an economic movement that anyone can join!

These initiatives are only a few of many out there helping local businesses after months of reduced revenue. We have to do our part collectively and individually to support them. Let’s show Halifax and Nova Scotia how much we love them and give them our continuous support and dedication.

In this issue of Business Voice, we're talking about online learning. From an economic movement to a social one, e-learning has become quite the indispensable path towards the future. To assist those working remotely or from home, online platforms have made e-learning even more possible and accessible due its extreme flexibility. At the same time, technology is making coworking spaces the sought-after happy medium for transitioning remote work from home offices to unconventional offices. Read this issue to find out more about this social movement and how to be part of it.

Happy reading and, as always, we’re in your corner.

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