Jocelyn Melanson and SNAP Business Solutions find the missing pieces to your new normal puzzle

Jocelyn Melanson and SNAP Business Solutions find the missing pieces to your new normal puzzle

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Consultant and owner of SNAP Business Solutions, Jocelyn Melanson had the untimely experience of being hit by COVID-19 in the first year of her business.

“I lost contracts due to business closures and a changing landscape,” she says.

With over 30 years in the service and hospitality industry, Jocelyn has had a passion for coaching people to success. She is fueled by helping her clients reach eureka moments in developing their business growth.

“I have met hundreds of amazingly passionate and talented professionals,” says Jocelyn. “Many of whom have had a dream and embarked on entrepreneurship but found that their company was not growing as quickly as they had hoped.”

SNAP Business Solutions was her catalyst in helping those small- to medium-sized businesses. With Jocelyn’s help, they create systems and processes to solve everyday challenges and overcome roadblocks holding their business growth back.

She provides the missing pieces to complete their business growth puzzle.

Where there is a challenge, Jocelyn always sees an opportunity. And that has become truer than ever during this uniquely challenging time.

“I saw this as an opportunity to solve a new puzzle – with different pieces,” she says. “I pivoted my business to help these companies move towards the new norm in an innovative and unique way.”

She re-evaluated the direction of her business by starting to network with business professionals to learn more about their challenges and biggest fears, as they plan for the reopening phase.

“I discovered that many owners were anxious about reopening knowing so much has changed,” says Jocelyn. “They felt stuck running the same numbers with less floor space, fewer customers and rotating staff.”

SNAP’s toolkit called Re-Start is the product of Jocelyn’s business pivoting in response to COVID-19. It’s a strategic step-by-step process of assessment, discovery and relaunch aimed at helping business find their hidden potential and bring these new opportunities to life.

“My new norm has become helping these businesses discover their new norm,” says Jocelyn.

“Innovation is key and embracing hidden potential through a systematic discovery process allows my customers to move forward post COVID-19 with confidence and a solid plan.”

Connect with Jocelyn Melanson of SNAP Business Solutions to find out more about their services for your new normal needs.

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