Small Business Benefits from Free SkillsonlineNS Training

Small Business Benefits from Free SkillsonlineNS Training

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Regained Relics Antiques and Collectibles is a unique store located in the heart of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia. Proud owner, Wendy Tanner started the store to share her love of antiques, vintage items and upcycled furniture with the local community.

Wendy opened the doors to her store in May of 2016 and made sure to have something for everyone including; antiques, vintage items, painted and upcycled furniture and a wide range of odds and ends that may be collectible to some.

She has a passion for helping others to DIY their own furniture refinishing projects. As a result she offers the Fusion Mineral Paint line and other supplies, including unfinished furniture just waiting for someone to fall in love and tackle as a project of their own.

According to Wendy one of her main challenges is the location of her store. “Shubenacadie Village has had a few businesses close in the last few years and there is not a lot to draw people here,'' something many rural businesses can relate to.

Not one to miss out on an opportunity to continue to grow and improve her store, Wendy discovered a free resource that has had a positive impact on her business.

“It was during a business seminar hosted by the Chamber and there was a speaker there talking about the free courses at so I decided to take advantage of it.”

“I took The Basics of Marketing. I liked that it was engaging, easy to use, the information is relevant and the topics are good.”

According to Wendy Tanner, the course was helpful to her business by reinforcing “the importance of strategic marketing through targeting the right demographics. Now when I use Facebook Ads, I get more responses and drop in business saying they saw my ad.”

Her positive experience with free course platform has encouraged her to focus on exploring the HR courses available in preparation for hiring staff in the future.

As a small business owner Wendy appreciates continued learning. “I think it is very important to keep learning. As a business owner who needs to keep on top of things, there is a never ending list of things you need to know to run your business.” is a free training platform for Nova Scotians looking to increase their skills and productivity. It provides a robust selection of free courses and training, everything from Excel, to computer skills, to sales skills and leadership for businesses both big and small in the province of Nova Scotia.

Check out the SkillsonlineNS training and course catalogue and start your training today at

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