Retro refresh

Retro refresh

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Who’s ready for a roller dome reboot? The romance, the snacks, the...K-Pop?

Located in the Spryfield Shopping Centre, Upshaw’s Roller Dome is a 6,500-square-foot roller rink equipped with groovy mood lighting, the latest hits, and enough pairs of roller skates to outfit your next corporate retreat!

Upshaw’s Roller Dome opened this past June. For owner Shane Upshaw, the timing was perfect. “The business started out with the idea that after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, communities would be looking for fun and affordable entertainment to enjoy with their families or significant others,” says Upshaw.

Opening a new business wasn’t without its challenges, though. “Competing against sunny beach weather, concerts, parades, and vacations has been a challenge,” says Upshaw. “But that's part of summer vacation!”

The challenges have brought opportunities for learning at Upshaw’s Roller Dome. “When Upshaw's first started, we were unsure of what our demographic would be,” says Upshaw. “Over the past two months we have realized that there are all sorts of skaters each with their own styles.”

For Upshaw, getting to know their demographic has been one of the most rewarding parts of running the roller dome. “At Upshaw's we try and make a personal connection with all the patrons to make them feel safe and comfortable,” he says. “Once skaters learn the basics, we engage them to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. We put down pylons and show people how to navigate through them — we also have a whole 'TRICK’ board for people to challenge and improve their skills.”

Maintaining a welcoming and fun customer experience is top-of-mind for Upshaw. “Now that we can gauge our busy times — and plan accordingly with specific genres of music — we are able to have a schedule that fits all ages,” he says. “By doing this, we have a good advantage to ensure everyone has a good time. The happiness we see, in both younger and older people, is amazing. It motivates us to keep the smiling faces coming back for more and more fun.”

There's plenty to look forward to on the horizon for Upshaw. “We have so many special events and services yet to initiate — besides birthday parties and corporate events that have become regular bookings, we will soon have a VIP lounge and a full canteen with hot foods,” he says. “And holiday parties are just around the corner.”

Book your next gathering at Upshaw’s Roller Dome by visiting:

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