Nutri-Lawn is more than prepared for the reopening phase

Nutri-Lawn is more than prepared for the reopening phase

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With 30 years of expertise, Nutri-Lawn is humming along towards new normal conditions. The proud member of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association has taken immediate and significant action to mitigate public health risks associated with the pandemic.

“We have put together an extensive 14-page response plan to ensure every reasonable precaution has been taken for the health and safety of our employees, customers and the publics,” says Alexa Piché, Nutri-Lawn Executive Assistant.

Contactless service delivery

The company is implementing a contactless service delivery that starts with email notifications before and after service visits. The emails function as customer reminders of planned services –– to avoid surprises and inform of services about to be performed. They also provide a visit summary, a copy of the invoice and customized notes/recommendations for the lawn, from the technician after the service.

The contactless service includes policies like no knocking on doors, no printed invoices and no materials or baggies left at doors, plus notifications if services were not performed and reasons why.

Customers will be asked in the before-service email to clear the lawn of personal belongings and unlock gates prior to arrival. Technicians will wear disposable nitrile gloves when on site handling anything that belongs to customers including backyard gates.

The company’s field staff will follow modified, staggered shifts of three employees at a time. “We are limiting each truck to one person and employees will be assigned a dedicated truck and equipment,” says Piché. “Each truck will be equipped with a disinfecting kit including commercial disinfectant, paper towel, hand sanitizer, disposable nitrile gloves, cleaning wipes and garbage can/bags.”

“At the end of their shift, each technician will be following a detailed checklist to thoroughly disinfect their vehicle and all equipment they have used.”

Shifting operations

Early on, when the COVID-19 outbreak started, Nutri-Lawn closed many of its offices and the team started working from home. They’ve been fully functional all along with an integrated phone system, email and online access to their secure database.

Even though they’ve been closed since March 16, Nutri-Lawn’s offices are still professionally cleaned and disinfected by an outside company weekly. There’s a strict checklist to be followed to disinfect all high-touch surfaces twice a day. Disinfectant stations have also been placed throughout the office including disinfectant wipes, commercial disinfectant and paper towel.

“At Nutri-Lawn, we deliver on our promise to nourish your lawn to health, all while using the most organic and ecologically sustainable solutions possible.” As mentioned on the website, Nutri-Lawn offers lawn and fertilizing services along with weed and insect control plus in-ground sprinkler systems.

The company is committed to the leadership of providing a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees and customers. Additionally, it guarantees its evolution as the COVID-19 situation continues to.

Contact Nutri-Lawn to employ its services for your new normal business needs.

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