Nutri-Lawn committed to excellence, sharing a few tips and tricks on how to keep your lawn healthy

Nutri-Lawn committed to excellence, sharing a few tips and tricks on how to keep your lawn healthy

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(Member since 2016) | Published: September 7, 2020

This is a guest post from Nutri-Lawn - Nova Scotia
(Member since 2016)

Nutri-Lawn has become the leader in ecology-friendly lawn care in Nova Scotia. In 2020, they are celebrating 30 years of nourishing lawns and lives.

General Manager Steve Smith says, “Our business is currently growing every day. In 2014 we expanded to Moncton, NB and in 2020 we have grown to include Truro, NS in our service area. We now take care of over 4,000 lawns.”

Our success is built on passionate, dependable and professional employees who embrace our company values and core beliefs.

This spring, our leadership team exceeded expectations, including working extra hours, embracing our COVID-19 protocol and, in some cases, working from home for 3.5 months. As we continue to expand, we are always looking to add good people to our growing team.

“There are three essential factors if you want a healthy lawn - fertility, water and mowing,” Smith says. “When all three are done properly, turf can resist weed and insect pressures.”

The thicker the lawn, the more difficult for weeds to flourish. For example, golf courses use very little weed control. Even though the turf is cut short, with a strict regimen of frequent mowing, watering, fertilizing, and over-seeding keeps courses weed free.

“Grass needs balanced nutrition for growth. Without fertility, grasses thin out and weeds take hold, to the point of dominating the space for light, soil and water.”

Nutri-Lawn recommends using a controlled-release fertilizer for consistent, predictable feeding for up to 120 days. This technology eliminates rapid growth surges and excessive clippings.

Also, applying kelp during the summer adds nutrients to help a lawn recover from and protect against the effects of heat stress.

Smith recommends mowing at 2.5 to 3.0” weekly. Springtime requires more frequent cutting because a large percentage of growth occurs then.

“Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade; otherwise stress will result in browning,” he says. “Sharpen the blade regularly to avoid fuzzy mowing. A dull blade creates a ragged cut.”

We encourage watering weekly in the early morning and increasing frequency during hot periods.

Avoiding evening watering prevents the lawn from being wet until the morning sun dries the lawn.

Watering techniques should be adjusted during the growing season to compensate for precipitation and lengthy hot, dry periods.

Our leadership team would like to thank our customers for giving us the privilege to service you.

We are committed to an extraordinary level of service to our customers and an unending commitment to the best brand, products and practices in the marketplace.

Special thanks to our long-time customers, some of whom have been faithful supporters for all 30 years.

Learn more about Nutri-Lawn.

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