Massage Addict made Self-Care a routine

Massage Addict made Self-Care a routine

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As the first membership-based service provider in Canada, Massage Addict made therapeutic treatments more economical for clients. Those who require ongoing treatment for pain management, stress and/or anxiety are offered a multitude of solutions.

Massage Addict’s membership encourages clients to commit to a lifestyle of health and wellness. Upon signing up for a six- or 12-month membership plan, clients agree to visit as frequently as at least once a month­­––making it part of a self-care routine!

Valuing client health and wellness along with creating comfortable and relaxed environments, Massage Addict focuses on exceptional customer service. It also values creating great places to work for its team of administrators and health care practitioners.

“At Massage Addict Spring Garden, we have a culture built around shared success and fun,” says Sandra English, Franchise Owner, Massage Addict. “Shared success is a phrase that embodies the idea of supporting one another to help them be their best at work.”

This team-building mindset encompasses each team member and the value they bring to the clinic, helping create a truly collegial culture. The trust Massage Addict team has for one another stems from the support they provide to every single team member. It creates an atmosphere of openness, kindness and fun.

“One of the ways we do this in our clinic is by understanding that everyone has a role to play in providing great customer service to our client,” says English. “These roles have moments and processes that cross and intertwine and because we work so well as a team, everything runs incredibly smoothly, and we have very happy clients as a result.”

This particular mindset also helps support healthcare practitioners by creating a business model that increases and stabilizes their income and client base. The membership commitment helps create predictable income for healthcare practitioners who otherwise would experience volatility and instability due to fluctuations in appointment volume.

“What sets us apart, from other therapeutic-service providers, is the amount of flexibility that we offer to our health care practitioners in combination with exceptional business management and customer relationship support,” says English. “We really create an environment that enables our health care practitioners to do what they do best, which is provide high quality therapeutic treatments.”

Massage Addict emphasizes flexibility when it comes to its health care practitioners. The brand understands many choose these types of professions because of a desire or need to have flexibility in their professional life.

“Our philosophy is to find the right schedule that works for the health care practitioners and their lifestyle. And as their life and priorities change, the schedule can change,” says English. “My personal philosophy around this is if I can make the schedule work within the business constraints that I have, I will do everything I can to give someone their preferred schedule.”

“I have a team of 25, and many have told me that coming to work is the least stressful thing they do during their week and that the team is like their family!”

Massage Addict has over 100 clinics across the country and 1,600 health care practitioners including Registered Massage Therapists, Doctors of Chiropractic, Licensed Acupuncturists and Certified Reflexologists, and it all started here in Nova Scotia.

“Our franchise grew out of a desire to make wellness services more accessible to clients requiring regular therapeutic treatments,” says English. “My clinic, Massage Addict Spring Garden was one of the original three and has been open for over 11 years in the same location”

The national health and wellness brand opened its first location in 2008 with the first group of clinics from HRM. Each clinic’s focus is on client wellness and being a premier provider of therapeutic services in massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology and, most recently as of 2020, chiropractic care.

“We are excited to be launching chiropractic care this fall and are actively looking for two additional chiropractors to join our team,” says English.

With this new service launching at Massage Addict Spring Garden, the team continually looks for ways to excel in business operations and client management. “Our clinic, pre-pandemic, would do over 1,000 treatments a month, and we are predicted to be at that level again by end of August,” says English. “At that significant volume, we are running a very tight operation due to our team’s constant focus on providing the best working experience for one another and our clients.”

Massage Addict’s goal is to keep improving processes as they grow and expand. That way, when a new health care practitioner joins the team, it is a smooth transition for them. “One of our proudest accomplishments is how strong the entire Massage Addict network came back from the original three-month lockdown,” says English.

“At Massage Addict Spring Garden, my team was back and comfortable with the rhythm of the new normal within a few short weeks.”

Massage Addict’s client base is open for both members and non-members. Non-members are welcome to book appointments at the clinic with no restrictions, while members receive the benefit of preferred member pricing on several services. It’s a joint commitment between members and practitioners to promote a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

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