Marco keeps clients coming back

Marco keeps clients coming back

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Mina Atia
Halifax Chamber of Commerce
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As the largest Atlantic-based general contractor company, Marco Group Limited has developed a national presence. When doing business either locally or nationally, Marco proudly displays the moniker “Builders of Atlantic Canada” along with its name.

“We thrive in one of the toughest, most demanding environments in the world because we demand as much from ourselves as the wind, weather, and waves of the North Atlantic region demand from those who build in it,” says Allan MacIntosh, President and Co-Owner of the Marco Group.

For almost 20 years, MacIntosh has been serving at Marco. An Architectural Technologist, Professional Quantity Surveyor and Gold Seal Construction Professional, MacIntosh has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, , both in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

Having to compete with large national construction companies, Marco has been able to maintain its enviable and unique position in the industry. The group worked tirelessly over the past few decades to create personal connections and relationships with its clients.

“We have not forgotten what it means to work in Atlantic Canada and how blessed we are to be able to do what we love to do every day in this region,” says MacIntosh.

The group prides itself on being flexible in its operations. Its system is less rigid than those of national firms – it can modify delivery approach and customize its levels of service for each client according to their risk appetite and in-house skill sets.

“Our clients know they have access to me and our senior management team 24/7, and there are no layers of hierarchy or departmental red tape to get through to or reach a decision maker.”

Alongside Marco’s easily accessible staff, the clients take comfort in the fact that it’s large enough to attract the best designers and subtrades. Marco has the processes and financial strength to deliver any project on time, on budget and of the highest quality.

“We pride ourselves on repeat business and client referrals,” says MacIntosh. “There is nothing better than knowing you are a trusted partner in the delivery of a project that is very personal and meaningful to the client you are working with.”

ALT Hotel West Campus is a new location in the University District west of the University of Calgary campus set to be 15 stories high, housing 156 rooms.

Founded in 1980 by Tom Hickman, the Marco Group runs on key principles of integrity, teamwork and commitment. These business principles have been set by Hickman and carried for transformational growth by his son Christopher, Marco Group’s CEO. They also serve as the company’s core values.

“When I actually saw these core values being realized in the work of every employee and senior manager in the face of the pandemic, I realized I work with a tremendously dedicated team here at Marco,” says MacIntosh.

Marco strives to create a work environment that feels like a family rather than a corporation. The core values play an influential part in this type of corporate culture, and MacIntosh sees them in action in every project they complete.

“My proudest moment was seeing the teamwork and commitment, we so often talk about, in action for the benefit of both our clients and each other,” says MacIntosh. “Everyone at Marco dug in and worked very hard without compromise or complaint as we implemented new COVID-19 procedures.”

Marco’s new normal is the result of its quick implementation of COVID-19 protocols. After being enforced, the protocols were also continuously implemented and improved alongside best practices and updates issued by the health department. In addition to the cooperation received from its construction partners, Marco returned to business with all projects remaining on schedule and on budget.

As the 2020 winner of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, Marco Group is leading several exciting projects in the HRM, Atlantic Canada and across the country.

The new Berkeley Retirement Residence on Pepperell street is set to provide residents the convenience of retirement living. The 76-room, six-story facility will have apartments with included services and the benefit of an onsite health care professional 24 hours a day.

A massive 42,000-square-meter facility is located on the MUN Campus in St. John’s, NL, thanks to Marco. Once completed, the MUN Core Science Facility will amalgamate most of the university scientific departments along with its administrative offices and labs from the Core Research Equipment and Instrument Training Network.

The ALT Hotels are expanding with a new location in the University District west of the University of Calgary campus. ALT Hotel West Campus is the fourth development by Marco for Groupe Germain set to be 15 stories high, housing 156 rooms.

“It’s always tremendously exciting to bid on a large public project and await the results of a public opening to see if you have won the bid,” says MacIntosh.

“But I would say that the most exciting and fulfilling projects that we undertake are the ones where we get to work with private business owners, who we recognize to have a choice on whom to contract with.”

Marco Group Limited is the pride of Atlantic Canada for its tremendous accomplishments and developments, not only in the region but also across the country.

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