Making magic happen

Making magic happen

< Back to Articles | Topics: From the President | Published: October 15, 2020

I know what you’re thinking: Here comes another COVID-19-focused issue. From front to back, I will read story after story of perseverance, success and the dreaded unprecedented times. Well, I’m excited to report that, despite COVID-19 remaining an insistent reality, this issue is about our next steps.

The Halifax Chamber is here to support business in Halifax. Our members range from the smallest to the largest businesses and each and every one of them contributes to the growth and prosperity of our city. To grow, we need immigration and retention. To retain our immigrants and our youth, we need more businesses. It’s a never-ending cycle that highlights an obvious solution: entrepreneurship.

Our city is bursting with new buildings, new businesses and new ideas. We have the Halifax Innovation District, Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship, some of the top universities in Canada, NSCC and countless other nationally recognized organizations that encourage students and individuals to venture out on their own. We’re lucky to have so many organizations promoting and nurturing the entrepreneurial lifestyle. To drive the point home, we need to keep sharing stories
of success from our local entrepreneurs.

For this issue, we’ve chosen four entrepreneurs from the tech industry, the events and arts industry and the hospitality industry. Each had a different experience building their business, growing their business, taking it online and, for some, shutting it down over the last few months. During COVID-19, these were the hardworking folks who had looked at their business models and adapted them to an ever-changing environment. That is the definition of entrepreneurship: predicting the future and making magic happen.

Being your own boss has its ups and downs, of course. But pursuing your passion, creating jobs and being part of the fabric of Halifax is possible. All that’s left is taking that first step. We want Halifax to be the entrepreneurial capital of the world — and that starts with us. Ask one of these organizations what they think of your idea. Build a business plan. Head to a potential financial partner. All of the best entrepreneurs will tell you that all it takes is a good idea. That couldn’t be truer in Halifax; the infrastructure exists to guide you through each and every step.

We hope you’ll enjoy our first print issue since April 2020. It’s filled with advice on marketing, planning for the future, holding safe events, securing financial partners and entrepreneurial inspiration. Happy reading!

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