Smarter Spaces kept an eye on post COVID-19 and discovered a new normal

Smarter Spaces kept an eye on post COVID-19 and discovered a new normal

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After State of Emergency orders, Smarter Spaces co-owners Colin Gillis and Dan Macintosh had to figure out how to stay in business while being locked out of buildings.

With a previous focus on construction and renovation projects, the company creates interactive 3D virtual tours of buildings through a reality capturing system. Smarter Spaces was even able to create virtual tours of buildings that don’t exist with its cutting-edge technology

Gillis and Macintosh reassured their employees on furlough with a plan to set the team up remotely. “We packed up the office and dropped computer hardware to each team member’s home,” says Gillis.

Their leadership team took quick action to pivot their business as they recognized two opportunities. Many of their existing clients’ buildings were vacant, which was an ideal time for Smarter Spaces to be on site to collect data and process later from home. Their second opportunity was to provide their unique services for a new audience of people self-isolating at home.

“We’ve been brainstorming on what’s the next evolution for us, and we thought with current conditions the market is ready for e-commerce through our 3D virtual space tours,” says Gillis. The team then had a new purpose to enable restricted Nova Scotians to visit public spaces virtually.

Smarter Spaces is making the new normal available

The company switched its focus and started creating virtual tours of cultural and tourist spaces like the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. “We went from working on dusty new construction or renovation sites to capturing artwork and sculptures,” says Gillis.

The team also worked with Sacred Heart School of Halifax to create a virtual tour of the school for local and international families. This allows families to explore the school’s learning space and its historic building.

Smart Spaces caught media attention for its new initiative. The team has been in talks with a wide variety of clients who are very interested in the ingenuity, like Sober Island Brewing for example.

“We believe the market may now be ready, several years earlier than anticipated, to explore virtual malls and e-commerce," says Gillis. "They're emerging with the inability of traditional brick-and-mortar locations to secure goods and services.”

“Some ideas include themes around arts and crafts, microbreweries, wineries and seafood.”

Vision and pride of Smarter Spaces

Established in Halifax since 2005, Smarter Spaces approaches projects ethically with professionalism and expertise. The company’s name was selected to brand continuously evolving and growing spaces – spaces that are getting smarter.

It specializes in mobile 3D-laser scanning, CAD-space planning services, fire and emergency evacuation mapping and pedestrian-traffic proximity and movement plans.

After successfully bringing the entire team back to work, Gillis recently hired a new NSCC graduate to keep up with the demand. “We have set a goal at the beginning of COVID-19 not only to survive but to thrive and come out of it bigger, better and stronger,” he says.

The team prides itself for putting the client’s best interest first and for being reliable and trustworthy. Now and more than ever, Smarter Spaces is looking to partner with companies to take 3D virtual tours to a new horizon.

“We collectively learned how important it is to aid and support our fellow entrepreneurs in business, so we can all make it out the other side.”

Contact Smarter Spaces to employ its services for your new normal business needs.

Smarter Spaces
MP Andy Fillmore with Smarter Spaces co-owners Colin Gillis and Dan Macintosh and the team

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