Free work assessments help businesses set up for new normal conditions

Free work assessments help businesses set up for new normal conditions

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Office Interiors provides everything businesses need for their employees to perform at their best. From office furniture and technology to modular walling and flooring, it does it all with employees top of mind.

In response to what’s being coined the “new normal” conditions after COVID-19, “We have focused on two main ways to help our customers come out the other side of this time stronger than they went in,” says Cory Porteous, director of marketing and inbound business development at Office Interiors.

From the furniture side of their business, Office interiors is offering free work assessments for businesses. the company is helping employers prepare their office spaces to ease employees back into the workplace.

Based on a business's layout and needs, Office Interiors can provide both short and long term solutions for returning employees.

“We ask for a drawing, blueprint or floor-plan of your space and then our workspace planners evaluate it,” says Porteous. “They highlight areas of concern that could pose health and social distancing issues, as well as opportunities to adapt your space to be more productive within this new working reality.”

On the technology side, Office Interiors informed customers that Microsoft Teams was being offered for free for six months to support them with running virtual meetings. Back in March, the promotion was extended to the entire Microsoft suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive. Office Interiors are offering to install the suite free of charge for customers. “So far, every organizations that we have set up has been thrilled,” says Porteous.

Since 1991, Office Interiors has been helping customers find furniture and technology best suited for their needs to increase efficiency in their offices. Not only this, but Office Interiors also values comfortable and collaborative work with a dedicated mission to make employees love the way they work.

Office Interiors has five locations and a staff of 100 workplace professionals, all striving to build trust with every single customer. They ensure office equipment and furniture are meeting needs at an exceptional value.

Contact Office Interiors to employ its services for your new normal business needs.

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Office Interiors helps employers set up safe and secure workplace environments for returning employees

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