From good to great

From good to great

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This is a guest post from Bishop's Cellar
(Member since 2005)

Bishop’s Cellar has always stood out. Its waterfront location and proximity to restaurants, condos, shops and other things along the Halifax boardwalk means it has enjoyed a place among one of the city’s trendiest areas.

But it takes more than location to excel and Bishop’s Cellar is looking to do more and be better than they already were, so the business underwent an extensive renovation and store expansion period that Bishop’s Cellar President Matt Rogers says has been a long-awaited rebranding to replace the space that had been used for 17 years since the store opened. The new space has revealed to customers a posh yet personal retail experience that will exceed their expectations.

“It’s more open, brighter and better organized and means our customer experience is that much better than it was before,” says Rogers.

Planning ahead

The business’ latest project is proof that the team at Bishop’s Cellar never sits still.

Rogers says its new renovation means the store has doubled its commercial space, having taken over the retail space next door and now has the breathing room to boast dedicated sections for fine wines, a finely curated beer selection and spirits from many different corners of the world. The new retail space also features a dedicated in-store pickup area for online orders as the store continues to develop and expand its e-commerce offering and is working towards a future goal of offering same-day order delivery around the city.

Positive customer reviews have continued pouring in over the month since the new space’s unveiling, which mean Rogers and his team are feeling thrilled with how things are looking.

“We really needed to make these changes for our customers — to ensure their experience here was a good one. We also wanted to showcase and show off the products we carry. So as customers tell us they love it, we’re very pleased with how this expansion has turned out,” he says.

But feeling elated doesn’t mean the work stops, as the holidays are the busiest season for the business — the New Year hits, the rush slows and then comes strategizing for a new year of sales and a review of the one previous. Wine is even ordered four to five months out. But busy means business is good and that there’s never a dull moment.

“We’ve always worked hard during what would otherwise be downtime to plan ahead. The nature of our business is that when one side slows down, the other picks up — we’re always working on something,” says Rogers.

Growing downtown

The timing of the business’ expansion has also been key, according to Rogers, who says it has coincided with the further development and growth of downtown Halifax thriving, most of which is happening within just one kilometre of Bishop’s Cellar.

“There are more people moving downtown and living within this area and thousands of units currently being built near us. That means more people shopping, working and eating downtown and ultimately needing a neighbourhood alcohol shop,” says Rogers.

The business has already seen sales increase in the month since the storefront’s grand reopening and is looking forward to the new space meaning a better holiday shopping experience for staff and customers. Sales within the licensee side of the Bishop’s Cellar business have also been growing as their team works to provide great wine, spirits and beer to establishments across the province. Rogers says it’s a little-known fact that this work makes up an even larger portion of business than the waterfront store.

“We’re like an iceberg — this side of our business is the side that’s not seen above the water. More often than not, if you’re having a nice drink in Nova Scotia whether in the city or from Cape Breton to Yarmouth, it’s a client we’ve worked with,” says Rogers.

Whether it be these clients or shoppers within its Halifax store, the customer has always been at the centre of everything at Bishop’s Cellar — one thing that Rogers says will never change.

“We take pride in sourcing products from around the world and locally, too and focusing on bringing in products our customers are looking for — all to make sure they have the best-possible experience while at our store or working with us,” says Rogers. ν

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