Everyday healthcare at your fingertips

Everyday healthcare at your fingertips

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Many of us are comfortable using cell phones and computers these days for all sorts of everyday business. Whether it’s pre-ordering lunch, buying bus tickets, banking, or getting ahead on a grocery order, the speed and convenience of using online apps make them our go-to game-changers for saving time—and sometimes money—while getting on with our lives.

We are now solving old problems with new innovations, using the latest technology to make it more convenient than ever to navigate Nova Scotia’s healthcare system. An exciting new piece of that puzzle is the new YourHealthNS app, a personalized navigation guide to our province’s healthcare system.

Launched to the public in fall 2023 and already updated with enhancements in January, the new free app has been downloaded and/or accessed on the web more than 180,000 times. Feedback from Nova Scotians is positive, with people using it as another valuable and welcomed online tool in their day-to-day lives.

The app boasts the latest high security and privacy protection measures and allows Nova Scotians to plan and conduct their own healthcare activities. These include everything from booking a vaccination or blood work appointment, finding the nearest walk-in clinic information, or accessing virtual care. It eliminates the need to wait on hold to reach busy health clinic offices or to check the operating hours of local healthcare services. Online information is accurate, timely and updated in real-time.

Using any internet-connected device like a computer, tablet, or cell phone, healthcare information and assistance are there for everyone. Personal assistance is also offered within the app and website by an online care navigator, who can help answer questions and find needed support.

It delivers on the goal of providing healthcare information and services faster and puts healthcare tools directly in the hands of Nova Scotians.

Enhancements, new features, and capabilities will be continually added to the original software platform to provide even more value in the future.

For instance, testing has begun with a new pilot program launched in January, where patients at participating clinics can log in to view their medical history. This includes access to information regarding visits to their primary care provider and virtual care appointments, including the date, time and reason for the visits; emergency department and hospital visits, including length of stay and discharge information; a list of medications they have been prescribed with prescription name, dosage and how long they should take the medicine; limited information on diagnostic tests like MRI, CT scan and X-ray; and results of blood work and other general lab tests.

Developing new online tools and using the latest technology advancements is part of a larger digital health transformation for Nova Scotia.

Join in, if you haven’t already, by downloading the YourHealthNS app today and familiarizing yourself with the service. It’s there for you and your everyday healthcare needs.

Download YourHealthNS at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

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