Ensuring the safety of Nova Scotians while reviving our economy

Ensuring the safety of Nova Scotians while reviving our economy

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Well, Halifax – we have stayed the course and remained committed. Each of us has been contributing to the overall safety of our communities. We should be very proud of our accomplishments during these last few months. With that being said, it’s time to look forward and focus our efforts on our economy – now more than ever.

Our efforts to support local and re-open our province to the Maritimes have been instrumental first steps in rebuilding our economy. But now is the time to revive it to what it once was.

The new mandatory mask mandate for public spaces is an important step in the right direction. With this implementation, we are ensuring a safe community for all residents, regardless of their age, medical conditions, travel history and day-to-day activities.

It’s a safe and easy rule of thumb that gives us all peace of mind when stepping outside together. If you have questions about the new mandate, check out this FAQ document made available on the Chamber website. You can also check out these other resources to support your business.

I am looking forward to our province reaping the benefits of this new mandate. I expect locals to feel safer than ever to go out shopping, dining at restaurants and enjoying what our community has to offer.

I’m excited to see more visitors from other provinces making Nova Scotia their summer destination for the remainder of tourist season. I’m filled with pride to see our businesses operating safely, assuring the highest standards of care for their customers and promoting confidence in the tremendous work they have put in for the past few months.

This issue of Business Voice highlights the arts and culture sector here in Halifax. The sector is often overlooked for its economic contributions - not only is it a significant pillar of our economy, it’s also a strong foundation for our education system, our vibrant communities and our sense of identity.

Halifax and Nova Scotia are home to both a lively and world-renowned art scene and centuries of cultural heritage. These elements attract tourists from across Canada and the globe.

During this low tide for tourism, arts and culture represent a huge driver for the revival of our economy by offering many attractions for interprovincial and local visitors.

Read this issue to find out more about the overwhelming impact of the arts and culture sector in our beloved province.

Happy reading and, as always, we’re in your corner.

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