Creating value and prosperity

Creating value and prosperity

< Back to Articles | Topics: Chair's Message | Contributors: Chris Cowper-Smith (CEO, Cedar Point Solutions) | Published: May 1, 2024

With the last year spent focused on looking ahead, it really did fly by.

When I first came into the role of Chair for the Halifax Chamber Board of Directors, we were diving into the strategy and identifying our top priorities for the coming years. For the next phase of Halifax and the Chamber, we need to look at what’s happening in our communities and in our businesses.

Our new strategy will focus on both internal and external objectives to continue serving our membership and supporting them in the most pressing issues facing the business community. We will maintain our biggest priorities, most of which will remain important for a long time to come, including lowering taxes, supporting immigration, and promoting diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion in our business community.

We will also strive to keep a strong relationship with all levels of government through open communication, honest feedback, and research from our policy team. Maintaining this relationship has allowed our team to better advocate for the needs of our members, affecting real change and development in Halifax.

Our overall strategic goal is to create value and prosperity for our members. To achieve this throughout the new plan, we will be increasing our membership and ensuring financial capacity to support our membership.

Externally, we will be focusing on four main pillars:

  1. Affordability, which includes multi-dimensional tax relief and housing solutions.
  2. Infrastructure, enabling continued economic growth through transportation and provincial and municipal government collaboration.
  3. Labour, including skilled trades tax credits as well as credentials recognition and education and skills development for immigrants.
  4. Sustainability for businesses in the face of a climate crisis.

I am confident leaving this work in the hands of Ann Divine, Chair of Halifax Chamber’s Board of Directors for 2024-2025. With her professional experience and passion for good business, Ann is the ideal advocate for our members as well as the wider Halifax community.

I am grateful to the Board of Directors and the Chamber staff for their support this year, and I look forward to watching the continued growth of our organization and of our city.

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