Connections matter more than ever

Connections matter more than ever

< Back to Articles | Topics: Working for you | Contributors: Wendy Luther, President & CEO | This is a guest post from Halifax Partnership
(Member since 1996) | Published: January 7, 2021

This is a guest post from Halifax Partnership
(Member since 1996)

This past year has shown us the importance of connections and relationships in all aspects of our lives – from our families, to our friends, to our professional networks. Thanks to technology we have been able to keep, and even make, new connections.

For the thousands of soon-to-be and recent graduates from Nova Scotia’s universities and colleges it is often not what they know but who they know that gives them an edge in finding a career opportunity. They are looking to meet professionals in their field so they can start and build careers here in our city and province.

Year after year, Halifax has successfully attracted more young, talented, and diverse newcomers to the city. Two-thirds of our growth in 2019 came from international migration and close to half (46%) of all new residents were between ages 25-39. We also continue to see a positive trend in retaining our young talent (those 29 and under). Last year, 365 more young people stayed in Nova Scotia then left. If these trends and growth rates continue, we will be on track to reach our 550,000 population goal by 2031.

With limitations on in-person networking events and opportunities, virtual networking is more critical than ever before. Halifax Partnership’s new Connector+ app makes online networking easy and is a great option for business and community leaders, like you, to meet pre-qualified young talent in Nova Scotia while helping them build their local network and find career opportunities.

Connector+ builds on the success of the Partnership’s face-to-face Connector Program, one of the most successful networking and career building programs boasting an exceptional 40% success rate of participants finding jobs in their field. With Connector+ and your help, we will be able to scale from connecting hundreds of young professionals a year in Nova Scotia to thousands.

If you’re not already a Connector, I encourage you to become one, and if you are, you can also join Connector+. Sharing your knowledge and network with a young professional is a small way you can make a big impact on their lives, your business, our city and province.

You can download the Connector+ app in app stores now, or visit to learn more about the program.

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