Celebrating all of us

Celebrating all of us

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The summer months in Halifax are unlike any other city. The days are warm, the nights are breezy, and the shimmering ocean is only minutes away. Patios begin serving up everything from traditional east coast pub fare to comfort food from all over the world. The summer streets make the city feel vibrant and alive, and it all contributes to our high quality of life.

The summer also brings about several important celebrations, including cultural festivals (like Greek, Lebanese, Multicultural, Asian, and Philippine) and Halifax Pride starting in late July. This year, as you’ll read about in our cover story, Statistics Canada released a report announcing Halifax as Canada’s second most gender-diverse city. Our welcoming atmosphere and strong network of community organizations are certainly to thank for this distinction. If it hasn’t already, this report should mobilize business-owners in their efforts to make every person living in or visiting our beautiful city feel welcome.

Canadian culture brings together our varied and diverse attributes, be it our ethnicity, race, gender, ability, religion, or sexuality. In my time here, Halifax has specifically been a great reflection of this diversity. I will be sharing more thoughts on diversity in an upcoming issue of Business Voice, but for now I will say: enjoy the summer, take in the sun, and celebrate each other after such a long period of time being indoors.

Below are my thoughts on how we can further our involvement with our broader community. I encourage you to get involved with the variety of fabulous organizations we have in the city — they are welcoming you every day to do so.

1. Volunteer

Find something that interests you and donate your time and energy to help bring it to life! There is always a community need for eager and dedicated volunteers. Festivals, shelters, food banks, community events, and more need your enthusiasm!

2. Participate

Get out and enjoy what Halifax has to offer. See a theatre performance during Fringe Festival. Go shopping on Quinpool Road. Grab a lobster roll at Peggy’s Cove. Becoming an active member of your community strengthens our foundation as a city.

3. Listen

The last few years have been a catalyst for important conversations. Being part of the conversation also means stepping back — it requires listening with open hearts and minds. (As Frasier would say, “I’m Listening.”) Halifax is home to many different communities, and many of them need our support and our advocacy. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is be an engaged listener.

If there has ever been a time to get out and enjoy our beautiful city and the people that inhabit it, it is now. Let’s show the world how we did the pandemic well, and how we will do the post-pandemic even better!

Our city has it all. It can be relaxing, but also invigorating. Take this time to not only tap into your inspiration, but act on it! Our city will become more colourful and flavourful when you do. If you see me on a patio or at a festival somewhere, feel free to say hello.

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