Associated Cargo Specialists pushes cargo forward during COVID

Associated Cargo Specialists pushes cargo forward during COVID

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Mina Atia
Halifax Chamber of Commerce
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Associated Cargo Specialists’ Joanna Green feels very fortunate to have largely avoided COVID-19’s impact, both individually as a professional and the business as a whole.

In spite of that fortunate feeling, Green, Atlantic Region Manager of Associated Cargo Specialists, finds it typically challenging not being able to meet with customers and vendors in person.

“I also miss seeing my colleagues in person and the good interaction we had in person at our office as a group,” she says.

With specialized knowledge that comes with years of experience, her company handles temperature-controlled cargo. They’re a global logistics provider and a leader in “cool” cargo for over 25 years.

As an employee of 11 years along with a staff of five, Green has easily transitioned from the Bedford office to working from home. She’s been relying on phone, email, skype and Microsoft Teams to keep in touch – as everyone else has been. Being one of many staff across Canada and the USA plus worldwide agents, they provide high-quality service to ensure fast and reliable delivery of customers’ cargo.

Green celebrates her team's success for seamlessly transitioning without any interruptions in service for any of their customers. By maintaining service and keeping supply chains moving, she believes that her team is doing their part to assist customers and the community during this pandemic.

The Canadian government has made a concerted effort to keep supply chains open, ensure trade runs smoothly and to keep goods flowing to all corners of the country. Nova Scotia relies on our imports and exports, and Associated Cargo Specialists plays an important role in that process.

Moreover, Green has been able to rely on the Chamber to provide updates and resources to support the business while navigating the pandemic. “We are watching the messages being provided by Patrick Sullivan,” says Green about the Chamber President and CEO. “And we’re using that information to stay informed and up to date on what is happening regionally.”

Green is planning on taking a step-by-step approach to prepare for the reopening phase. “First and foremost, we want to ensure the safety of our employees and we will be guided by the department of health’s instructions and procedures for reopening,” she says.

And preparing for the new normal means “Being informed and up to date at all times,” says Green. “It means to abide by rules and regulations to ensure that we do our part to keep the curve flat.”

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