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100 years of Business Voice magazine

< Back to Articles | Topics: Cover story | Contributors: Emily Bednarz and Emma Menchefski | Published: April 20, 2022

Since 1921, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce (formerly known as the Halifax Board of Trade) has released a regular print publication to promote our members, provide important updates, and celebrate growth and industry in our city.

The publication and the Chamber have gone by different names, and much has certainly changed in Halifax over the last century. As our team dove into the archives, though, we noticed echoes of the key messages we promote today: local procurement, advocacy, diversity, the cost of living, workspaces, employment, development, transportation…even daylight savings!

Population growth has also been a recurring theme over the years. Edwards Advertising (see above) dreamt of a time when Halifax could see one million residents — a milestone just passed for the province. We may not have subways that “thunder under the length of Barrington Street.” But, as the ad predicted, Halifax has become “not only a seaport, but an airport” and “not only a town with a history, but a city of industrial consequence.”

For insights on growth and development in Halifax, we interviewed several new and established businesses, asking them: why is it a good time to do business right now in our city? Their answers mirror the enduring sense of optimism and innovation we’ve seen in Halifax for decades. Halifax is a good place to do business because of its growth, its development, its reputation, and its focus on community-building.

Over the last century, the Chamber has relentlessly advocated for businesses, organizations, and opportunities in Halifax. As the Foreword from the first issue of the Commercial News states: “This is the first issue of the official Monthly Bulletin of the Halifax Board of Trade — the issuing of such publication needs no apology.” Like our predecessors, we believe that keeping the business community in Halifax engaged and informed is as important as ever. No apologies!

Cathy Akinkunmi
Eunoia Lifestyle Shop

"Halifax is a unique and thriving city — especially in recent times! Our population boom and our growth have led to embracing more diverse cultures. There are many demographic niches that are emerging stronger. Our urban centers are growing, and our suburbs are developing rapidly. It's truly a great time to do business in Halifax, in spite of the pandemic. Even with all of the recent development, our small-city feel is still intact. The city kept its heart and soul of community-centered commercial activities. The business districts ensure that, and the people of Halifax do too!"

Sara Napier
President & CEO / Executive Department
United Way Halifax

"Every day, United Way Halifax works with extraordinary people who want to make Halifax the best it can be. By partnering with hundreds of businesses, we offer our expertise in poverty solutions, inclusivity, social purpose, and employee engagement. In 2022, we’re managing through COVID recovery, we’re growing rapidly, and new opportunities abound. At this inflection point, it’s critical to use our collective passion, vision, and values to leverage every opportunity fully, address our growing pains and challenges, and create a present and future that leaves no one behind."

Poet Comeau

Lake City Cider

"It's an exciting time to be part of the Halifax business community and, of course, in our borough of Dartmouth. The city is growing and expanding, creating space for those entrepreneurial spirits to carve their dynamic endeavours into our city. The craft beverage sector continues to utilize the best parts of the province to offer a dynamic tasting experience only found here. With positivity and hope floating through the fresh salted air, it's hard to deny the force and energy for the future. How high will the bar be raised? Perhaps as high as the winds will take us."

Rodney Corrigan

LOGISTEC Stevedoring Inc

"LOGISTEC Stevedoring Ltd. is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2022 and its 50th year as a key stakeholder at the Port of Halifax! We are very proud of our strong maritime roots. We care deeply about the Halifax community and about reducing our environmental footprint through the Green Marine certification program. This year, we celebrate our rich heritage and our close connection to Halifax. We will continue to work with all port stakeholders and businesses to best serve our customers, to attract new business, and to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come!"

Rebecca Cable-Munroe
Site Director

"Halifax has a reputation of offering amazing hospitality and quality of service, which is of huge importance to our overseas customers and positive word-of-mouth brand traction. The diversity in this city is truly remarkable and such an integral part of our business community. It leads to bold ideas and viewpoints which benefit all industries. Embracing our differences is an important part of being successful and Halifax is fortunate to be able to tap into a deep cultural well that has produced a rich and vibrant private sector."

Ossama Nasrallah
The Harbour Watercraft & Adventure Rentals

"Year after year, Halifax becomes more impressive, flooded with visitors, and nurtures more attractions. We are excited to operate a business on our beautiful waterfront, providing people with the opportunity to explore Halifax from a unique perspective and experience some breath-taking twilight views. Every customer that uses our service has one common phrase once they return from their excursion, with a huge grin on their face: 'I just realized how much more beautiful Halifax is.' That daily interaction fuels our 'why' over and over."

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