Strongest Families Institute: A Pioneer in eMental Health in Canada

Strongest Families Institute: A Pioneer in eMental Health in Canada

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As we wrap up Mental Health Week, as a new member of the Chamber, we wanted to share with members and their families our free resource that is available to help you manage and overcome mild to moderate mental health issues.

Are you or a loved one struggling with mental health issues? Finding the right help and resources to address these concerns can be challenging. Fortunately, Strongest Families Institute (SFI) is here to help. As a pioneer in eMental Health and well-being, SFI is an internationally recognized charity that provides effective and timely skill-based programs to children, youth, adults, and families with weekly telephone support coaching. In fact, SFI’s programs have been rigorously evaluated in clinical trials, making Strongest Families a trusted source for mental health education in Canada. SFI was designed to remove barriers to care by providing help to Canadians when and where they need help - in the comfort and privacy of their home at times convenient to them. Also, SFI provides an interactive online app connection so people can take their SFI skills ‘on-the-go’!

Over the past ten years, Strongest Families has continued to expand across Canada, helping about 13,000 people and families annually. As an innovative system of care that has been co-designed with end users, SFI provides a range of programs:

  • Parents Empowering Kids (3-12-year-olds): Equipping parents/caregivers with positive parenting skills
  • Chase Worry Away (6-11-year-olds): Equipping children and caregivers with coping skills to gain confidence and overcome anxiety and low mood issues
  • Defeat Anxiety (12-17-year-olds); Equipping youth with coping skills to gain confidence and overcome anxiety and depression
  • ICAN Adult Anxiety and Depression (18+): Equipping adults with coping skills to overcome anxiety and depression but also includes a variety of well-being sessions such as balancing a budget, effective problem-solving and more
  • Dry Nights Ahead (5-12-year-olds): SFI provides materials such as a urine alarm and motivational strategies to conquer bedwetting.

One of the unique features of Strongest Families is that people can access their services over the phone and use the internet or hard copy materials to complete their program. This makes it easy for clients to fit the program into their busy lives and receive the help they need from the comfort of their own homes.

Another standout feature of Strongest Families is their skill-based learning, using a ‘Telephone Support Coach’ based approach to help clients learn skills and strategies to manage their mental health concerns. SFI Coaches are highly trained, empathetic, and understanding, ensuring clients receive the support and guidance they need to succeed. They work to customize programs to suit your needs and are diversity trained in supporting neurodiverse children, military and Veteran families, diverse cultural backgrounds and the 2SLGBTQAI+ communities.

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental health concerns, consider reaching out to Strongest Families. SFI’s services are private and free to people living in funded regions. With their innovative approach to eMental Health, you can receive the support and guidance you need to improve your mental health and well-being. Consider making SFI skills part of your daily mental wellness routine. Contact 1-866-470-7111 for more information or email

During Mental Health Week (May 1-7th), Strongest Families hosted a free webinar for those wanting to learn more about their programs and how they can enroll at no cost.

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