Ongoing engagement with underrepresented communities is a vital piece in establishing a healthy relationship with any given community. In any healthy relationship there is always an even balance of give in take that provides each party with trust and confidence in each other.

Curated educational events: A great way to foster the principal of continued engagement is through hosting events catered to the needs of the specific community you are attempting to engage. Educational events to raise awareness about and to combat the inequalities underrepresented communities face.

Take a look at the Chamber's Events Calendar for new events every month.

Procurement: Procurement is the action of shifting towards purchasing based on achieving multiple outcomes in addition to maximizing financial value. It leverages social/community value from existing purchases and contracts

This is one way you can not only give back but strengthen your relationships with underrepresented communities. Ensuring your organization has equitable procurement policies for supplying products and services

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Luncheon: Housing in Nova Scotia