Halifax Chamber of Commerce's COVID-19 Updates

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce is transitioning our staff back to our office as of June 1.

Office Hours

While our remains closed to visitors we have reopened to regular business hours for Certificate of Origin services. Staff will be in the office and COO's continue to be available from 8:30Am - 4:30PM, Monday - Friday.

Cleaning Protocols

We have taken the necessary measures to adhere to public health guidelines. Professional office cleaners are in once a day and consistently disinfect high-touch surfaces. Each shared space has its own designated cleaner, limiting the number of people in each separate space.

Shared Spaces

Every staff member has their own sanitary wipes and hand sanitizer to maintain proper hygiene. They are encouraged to disinfect all surfaces they come in touch with before and after usage, and to sanitize their hands as well. They are also discouraged from sharing equipment and are provided their own set of kitchenware. Each staff member will wash their own dishes at the end of the day and return their set to their desk. Staff members are also required to wear masks in all common or shared spaces.

Traffic Flow and Signage

Unidirectional traffic flow has been created by designating one point of entry and one point of exit. By doing so, we are limiting grouping in any given area in the office upon entry.

We have placed new signage throughout the office space. Directional signage in arrow form are placed every step of the way from entrance to exit. There is social-distancing signage posted to remind staff to keep six-feet apart physically. Hand washing guidelines are also placed in washrooms.

We have spoken with landlords about air circulation to ensure proper ventilation is maintained.

All these new protocols have been put in place by our COVID-19 Task Force. They worked hard on developing a plan and creating these guidelines. They will remain up to date on any changes and will ensure best practices are being followed by all staff.

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