Business Digitization & Recovery Project

How can a digital marketing tool support your business?

The Halifax Chamber of Commerce and SimplyCast, supported by ACOA, are working together to offer all of our members a business digitization and recovery project. The program will be available to all Halifax Chamber members beginning this fall.

Businesses need our support. They will need to adjust strategies to secure customers and supply chains in response to changes in market conditions.

The program will support member businesses by providing an array of easy-to-use digital tools they can use for operations, logistics, and automated marketing. The SimplyCast platform will allow businesses to quickly adopt a new technology to save them time and money on marketing campaigns, appointment booking, and much more.

Members will receive:

  1. A discovery call with SimplyCast to identify pain points in their business;
  2. A detailed implementation plan to help them with the biggest issues facing their business;
  3. Ongoing support to learn and implement the digital tools in their business;
  4. A free buffet of digital tools with the only costs associated with usage.
hands typing at a computer with text 'Business Recovery project' and 'brought to you by' the logos of SimplyCast and Halifax Chamber of Commerce

Want to learn more?

Reach out to Emma to set up a discovery call and find out how the all-in-one SimplyCast platform can help your business recover and thrive.

Emma Menchefski

Emma Menchefski

Communications Manager

(902) 481-1239

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