The Halifax Chamber of Commerce has partnered with SimplyCast to deliver the solutions you need to meet new customer demands, operate more efficiently and in turn, recover faster.

SimplyCast is offering solutions to help businesses operate in new ways to return to operations and stay in business. SimplyCast is a leading engagement and communication automation software that can streamline your engagement, communication, marketing, sales, and emergency management under one platform.

Here is what SimplyCast can do for you:

  • Business Recovery Digitization Project
  • Drive growth with an all-in-one engagement platform
  • Help automate communication workflows
  • Help acquire more customers while reducing costs

Try QR Code Contact Tracing

The Halifax Chamber has partnered with communication and engagement technology provider, SimplyCast, to provide a safe, hands-free, and automated check-in and contact tracing solution to its members using QR code functionality.

Signed-up members will be able to use this contact tracing app free of charge. Visitors to an establishment can “check-in” to register their visit for contact tracing purposes by scanning a provided QR code and filling out a short, secure form with their contact information.


What can SimplyCast do for my business?

We want to help our members through the COVID-19 recovery phase by providing them with affordable and effective digital tools to engage customers, clients, and contacts in more efficient ways while maintaining proper safety protocols. Check out these examples:

  • No Touch Check-in: Using a digital check-in solution, patrons can check themselves in by texting in to log their visit.
  • Appointment Rescheduling: Using automation technology, clients can reschedule appointments with just a few keystrokes.
  • Recurring Reminders: Using engagement automation technology, users can send automated reminders via email, SMS, and voice.

Who is eligible?

Any Chamber member is eligible for this offer - the monthly license (value of $299/month) is FREE to members for one full year. Members pay only for usage every month at the preferred Chamber rate of $0.035/(fax, text, voice) until September 31, 2022.

The offering includes:

  • Full Software
  • Training
  • All Applications
  • Consultation
  • Free license to members, only pay for what you use
  • Daily digitization email tips
  • Automation webinars: SimplyCast is holding weekly webinars on Tuesdays from 11 to 12 pm. Click here to register!
Building Blocks

Want to learn more?

Reach out to Emma to set up a discovery call and find out how the all-in-one SimplyCast platform can help your business recover and thrive post pandemic.

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Emma Menchefski

Communications Manager

(902) 481-1239

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