Why is the last five per cent so hard to accomplish?

Why is the last five per cent so hard to accomplish?

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Paul R. Roy, Business Coach, Marketing Strategist, Author - It Happened on Purpose

Your company’s profitably depends on getting it done

Most everyone has those unfinished projects. They exist everywhere from fixing the little things around the house to very important projects at the office. I feel the first 95 per cent is in the “choose to” range while the last five per cent lives in the “have to” range. “Have to” lives where you don’t like to go — the sticky, gooey stuff — the little details. “Have to” is like work. “Choose to” is like fun. This is a rather simple observation, but it exists. No one wants to do what they don’t like doing.

You know you have to do it if you wish to succeed, but you can’t bring yourself to do it. Where does the answer lie? Do the part you don’t like to do first. Once that’s behind you, it’s clear sailing. The very best sales people do this when they have call reluctance — they get those first few calls behind them in the morning, even if the phone feels like it weighs a hundred pounds. Beware of what happens when you leave it to the afternoon: your day becomes busy doing other stuff. Procrastination can be cast aside if you choose to do the hard stuff first.

I believe the best way to approach this is the same, whether it’s working toward your goal or chipping away at the to-do list — it’s called planning. There are all sorts of experts out there who will help reduce the clutter on your desk, tidy your office and clean up your priority list — all good ideas. Stripped down to the barest, what needs to be cleared first is your mind. One must understand why the block is there. If you’re honest with yourself you will see what it is, but chances are you don’t like that part and you are not comfortable in that space. I expect if you study it and get comfortable with it your confidence level will increase. I suggest you look at it this way: all the time spent on getting the first 95 per cent done will go to waste if you do not finish the project — this alone is reason enough to complete the project. Take stock of yourself and learn how to put a value on your time. The really successful people do what the pretenders don’t and won’t do. It has nothing to do with lazy.

You need to turn the “have to” things into “choose to” things to get those tough unfinished projects behind you. Just think of how your business or your career will take off. Leaders and customers will come to you because you get the job done, done well and on time. The most important factor in all this is the feeling of accomplishment. After all, you are worth it, aren’t you?

Interested in growing your business quickly and profitably? We implement and guide you through the proven Five Step Profit Formula ensuring success. Paul may be reached at 902-832-5866 or paul@paulroy.ca.

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