Vote your concerns!

Vote your concerns!

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Kathleen MacEachern, Policy Analyst, Halifax Chamber of Commerce

October won’t just mean the start of pumpkin spice everything; it will also bring about another election season. The Federal election might mean a change of Canada’s democratic leaders or it could stay status quo. Whatever your political beliefs (or lack thereof) may be, we at the Halifax Chamber of Commerce encourage you to vote! We hope that all our members take the opportunity to vote, but for those of you that are on the fence, here are a few reasons why you should:

1. The results do affect you:
Don’t want taxes to increase for your small business? Vote for a party that says they won’t. Want to ensure our climate stays hospitable? Vote for the party that says they care. If you don’t know who these candidates are? Check out their party web pages where their platforms, news articles and events should be listed. Also, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce provides a party platform comparison that might help you decide.

2. It’s easy:
First, check now to see if you’re registered on the Elections Canada website. If you are you can also find on that same website where and when to vote. You have options. You can vote in person on election day, at an advanced poll, at your local Elections Canada office or even by mail. If you’re not registered, contact Elections Canada, or by phone: 1-800-463-6868 and they will send you a voter registration form by mail, email or fax.

3. It’s your right:
Not everyone in the world can say they have the right to vote in elections. In Canada, every citizen over the age of 18 can vote. It’s your responsibility to exercise this right.

So, what is the Halifax Chamber focused on this election season? Good question. We are focusing on issues that align with our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan and with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Another great way to learn more about party platforms is to ask your candidates a few questions when they knock on your door. We have created a few policy-focused questions for you, but feel free to ask your own as well!

• What current Work Integrated
Learning (WIL) programs will your
party support (or continue to support)
and what new funding/programs will
you add to ensure our youth gain the
skills and training needed for the jobs
of the (near) future?

• Why does your party believe a
predictable investment climate
is important for business? How will
your government ensure a
predictable climate for investment?
What are your top investment

• The federal tax changes for family
businesses (2017) caused Canadian
business owners a great deal of
unnecessary stress and worry, will
your party support a full federal tax
review? If not, why not?

• What do you see as Halifax’s main
energy source in 10 to 15 years and
how will we get there?

• Climate change. What is your party
planning to do about it?

• Nova Scotia has had a significant
increase in population due to
immigration. How do we ensure our
retention rate will remain high and
what other support will be utilized to
further increase our population?

• How will your party support greater
and easier interprovincial trade?
Would the Canadian-wide
implementation of the Trade,
Investment and Labour Mobility
Agreement (TILMA) or something
similar be a viable option?

• Red tape is often seen as the top
issue facing entrepreneurs and
business owners. What will your
party do to ensure there is a decrease
in the regulatory environment to
enhance business prosperity in

If you have any questions about our
areas of focus for this election, or
would like to learn more about voting, contact our policy analyst,
Kathleen MacEachern at or visit our voting information website here:

Just remember:

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