The Zoom effect

The Zoom effect

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This is a guest post from First Impressions Rejuvenation Clinic
(Member since 2020)


Deborah Hart
MN, NP, CEO & Founder

With so many meetings and events now going virtual we are seeing ourselves from a new perspective. What once had us around boardroom tables or in event arenas looking at our colleagues, clients, or educators from across the room, now has us engaging with each other across a screen via Zoom or other conferencing platforms.

This also has us looking back at ourselves on screen, the view that is usually reserved for those in front of us.

This new perspective has us questioning how we look. It leaves us wondering, are we giving off the vibe we intend? Are we appearing approachable and confident or are we looking tired and angry? Are we exuding the vitality we feel on the inside or do we think we’re looking older than we really are?

It used to be that we would walk by the mirror in the morning getting the first impressions of ourselves for the day.

What we find is that some nights even though we slept well, we see ourselves in the mirror and realize we look tired; our shoulders drop and that’s how we end up going about our day, shoulders down, slumped and tired. This negative feedback loop, when we look tired, angry, sad or saggy wears us down and can take a toll on our confidence.

On the other end of the spectrum, we wake up feeling tired and drag ourselves into gear, catch a glimpse in the mirror and see wow, not looking too bad, not looking tired, skin may even have a glow; our shoulders go back, posture improves, chin comes up and that’s how we go about our day, confident.

Now more than ever, we are spending extended periods of time on Zoom or virtual platforms; now, not only do we just catch a glimpse of our ourselves in the mirror but we are looking back at ourselves on a virtual platform, sometimes for hours at a time.

This visualization of ourselves can increase the focus on our appearance which often takes a toll on our relationship with our body and this lack of confidence and vitality can bleed into other areas of our lives.

The real problem is everyone ages differently and over-the-counter, mass produced ‘remedies’ often don’t work because they don’t take into account your unique aging processes or health histories. What people really need is to work with a licensed and experienced healthcare provider who can help them choose the right treatment for their health and goals and work with them to naturally restore their vitality and beauty.

People are tired of staring at a version of themselves, on these virtual platforms, that they don’t recognize, they want to get a better glow, to look less tired, less angry and more like their approachable self.

Done correctly, in the right hands, the right treatment will leave you looking refreshed, rejuvenated, like you’ve not even visited a clinic. What we’ve found is that it’s therapeutic to know we’re taking care of ourselves. You’re not vain, you’re aware!

Being aware, we can use these same platforms to give ourselves positive feedback; we can look less tired, less angry, less sad and less saggy and when we do, we present ourselves to the world with unshakable confidence, naturally looking and feeling good.

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