The human element

The human element

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This is a guest post from Outshine
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Sara Ericsson

Growing a business in today’s complex, noisy marketing landscape is not easy, but Outshine helps their clients do just that.

Combining advertising technology, data and the human element to create long-term, efficient growth is where Outshine Head of Marketing Eleanor Bramah says her company comes into play. She says this last fact — the human element — is why technology cannot by itself result in the same success rate as campaigns optimized by humans, whose insight and understanding of what to do and when in highly-competitive environments mean companies will see next-level results.

Bramah says it is rather the combination of all of these elements that Outshine uses alongside technical experience to create an approach that elevates the results of each ad campaign it spearheads.

“A lot of organizations can run digital advertising campaigns, but to understand the technology well enough to optimize them to drive revenue growth — that makes us special,” says Bramah.

Data analysis key

Outshine’s team of marketing and analytics experts work with Business-to-Business (B2B) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) clients to manage and optimize their digital advertising campaigns and to accurately measure the return on investment (ROI) of that advertising to steadily improve it over time.

“Our typical clients are in the technology space, creating and marketing software to other businesses,” says Bramah.

The company’s approach is to build and execute multi-platform advertising campaigns that integrate search marketing, remarketing and social media advertising that focus on demand generation, then connect marketing and sales data using Google Analytics and custom integrations to tie marketing efforts directly to revenue.

“We help our clients make faster, better business decisions by connecting marketing data between first-party sources like from a customer relationship management system and data from ad platforms like LinkedIn or Google Ads. We can tell what marketing works and understand where a company’s growth is coming from,” says Bramah.

Human element essential

The company’s work shines brightest in highly-competitive environments, where Bramah says the slightest change to an ad campaign can mean a huge spike in its success. She says Outshine President, Andrew Breen, who started running digital advertising and search marketing campaigns early on in the field’s emergence, has mastered the platforms along with the technical expertise required to effectively manipulate them.

“It’s his ability to add creativity and imagination to technical platforms and advertising challenges that has built Outshine into the growing company it is today,” says Bramah.

And it is specifically these highly-
competitive environments that need the combined approach of technology and the human element most, according to Bramah.

“We can identify when data doesn’t make sense and, more importantly, build a foundation for marketing based on insights,” she says.

The company is now working with significant technology players in the United States and Europe from its Halifax home base and is showing that the talent exists in Nova Scotia to work with such high-calibre clientele. It’s also doing what Bramah says the marketing technology industry has been promising for years — giving people real insights into the results of their paid digital marketing and how to improve on that in the future.

“Marketing technology has long promised that we can understand the ROI of marketing spends. Outshine works to fulfill the promises that tech has made to marketers — to prove and improve the impact of marketing,” says Bramah.

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