Simple steps to get you prepared for reopening

Simple steps to get you prepared for reopening

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Tianchu Tang
Halifax Chamber of Commerce
Intern, Marketing & Program Coordinator

Since the beginning of COVID-19, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce as always has been in your corner to support you while navigating this unprecedented crisis.

As we enter the next phase of the pandemic, we will continue to work hard to support our members and local community as they plan to reopen businesses. We have planned five steps to get you prepared and ready for your doors reopening.

First and foremost, make sure to build a COVID-19 plan that includes new protocols and safety procedures. Form a task force of two to five employees, list all actions needed and ensure best practices are followed by all employees and customers for overall safety.

Next and more importantly, don’t forget to respect social distancing. If you’ve been to a store recently, then you’ve noticed arrow-shaped tape placed on the floor to direct flow, guidelines at the entrance to remind you of physical distancing and plastic shields installed on counters. It’s time for you to consider similar procedures to accommodate your COVID-19 plan.

Step three is to create a cleaning schedule, reconfigure your cleaning plan and provide necessary personal protective equipment. PPE should include hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes to make customers feel safe when entering your business. Add the plan to your daily calendar and train staff on best hygiene practices. A proper cleaning schedule will benefit both customers and employees.

Step four is to market your COVID-19 plan as customers will be looking for businesses who marketed clear safety plans before they plan on visiting. There is no harm in updating your website regularly to keep your consumers informed on new regulations and other operational changes.

Last but not least, respect the reopening process. It will constantly adjust as our leaders continue to evaluate the situation. Business owners are

expected to be flexible, adhere to public health protocols and prepare for another potential business halt –– if COVID-19 resurges in the future.

We shall never rebuild Nova Scotia unless everybody works together. So, let’s embrace the challenges on the road ahead towards recovery.

Read the full Reopening Business in Halifax Toolkit here.

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