Rocket launches beyond print

Rocket launches beyond print

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Mina Atia
Communications Coordinator

Specializing in full-service commercial printing, Rocket is more than just a print house. By acquiring Bounty Print in Halifax­­––with over 40 years in business experience––Fredericton’s Taylor Printing Group recognized that together they offer many other lesser-known services to their clients.

“We started out 16 years ago here in Fredericton as the first print start up in our industry and in Atlantic Canada in over 25 years,” says Scott Williams, CEO of Rocket. “A lot of it was controlled from Central Canada, so we wanted a company that was locally running and supported the region, and that’s what started Taylor Printing Group.”

Having been pigeonholed as strictly print shops, the companies realized they needed a rebrand to tell their new story.

“When we acquired Bounty Print in Halifax, we really evolved and embraced digital by seeing tremendous power in bringing both the digital and the tactile environment together,” he says. “They're an extremely powerful marketing tool.”

“So, we made a conscious decision to look at a rebrand: to drop ‘printing’ from our name and to become really more of an overall communications company.”

Working with a Halifax agency, one of Rocket’s clients, the company’s new branding developed from its working culture. The agency understood where the amalgamation originated from, and it visualized how the new company wants to proceed into the future based on the merger of the two companies.

“Early on I wasn't totally enamoured with the new name,” says Williams. “Now, I can't imagine not having it. The name has been received very well; it's still a professional brand but at the same time it's a lot of fun too.”

Rocket boasts the ‘in good company’ feeling through its vast team of professionals located in both Halifax and Fredericton. They value relationships and believe that brainstorming and collaboration with like-minded organizations benefit everyone.

“We really work in a collaborative environment with our clients to determine what their objectives and their desired outcomes are,” he says. “Then, from there, we try to build a campaign that will help them achieve results.”

“We take our clients' ideas and turn them into reality,” says Williams about Rocket’s philosophy. “When it comes to their marketing and communications needs, we take a holistic approach.”

The now-merged teams at Rocket are qualified and well versed in driving businesses forward. Leading with experience and innovation, they’re capable of delivering a multitude of integrated services such as large format commercial installations, up-to-standard finishing and fulfilment, direct mail for client delivery, and more importantly, multichannel marketing.

"Our team is one of the beauties of working at Rocket, and they’re even more important to us than our clients!” — Scott Williams, CEO, Rocket

“Our team is one of the beauties of working at Rocket, and they’re even more important to us than our clients!” says Williams.

“I already knew that before the pandemic started, and somehow they managed to step up even more over the last 12 months in both locations. There's just a real can-do attitude from the front lines, sales and administration right through to when we ship a job at the back door.”

Rocket’s new marketing and communications enterprise is a pivot to embrace digital and create a powerful multichannel marketing approach to online audiences. Using a new software for cross-media integration, Rocket provides adaptable data for one-to-one marketing. It offers solutions to help businesses create and manage campaigns effectively.

“We can make necessary adjustments, react quickly and even be proactive about what we're doing,” he says. “I think we've done a pretty good job with that already as we make positive change and help our clients where they need it.”

“And going forward as a company, we're going to be able to adjust and look at technology to help us with what's going on globally.”

Dedicated to sustainability, Rocket is certified through organizations such as Bullfrog, Two Sides and Rainforest Alliance (FSC® certification) to maintain the company’s accountability to its environmental commitment.

The commitment is to preserve the environment and act responsibly when using the resources available, all of which is reflected in this video by Bullfrog.

“We continue to build on our team, and we are looking to the future and planning for what it's going to look like on the other side,” says Williams. “I'm excited for our future, and I'm excited about the industry that we're in.”■

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