Proposing a Millennial workforce

Proposing a Millennial workforce

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Business has been booming for Proposify, a software service company based in downtown Halifax, which streamlines the process of creating, sending and closing deals for more than 8,000 business customers worldwide.

And it wouldn’t be possible without the fresh grads they hire: grads like Emily Clarke, who joined Proposify this spring as a Human Resources Advisor, upon completing her advanced diploma at NSCC.

“Emily has surpassed any expectations I have ever had for a new grad,” says Jennie Sanford, Head of Operations at Proposify. “She takes ownership of her work, she approaches every situation genuinely and with openness, and she is playing a big part in helping us recruit international talent. It would be impossible to do this without her.”

Emily has been a part of the company’s fast growth; over the last two years, Proposify has increased from 20 to 77 staff, many of whom are new to the workforce.

“The young grads we hire are extremely hardworking, dedicated and passionate,” says Melissa Gunn, Manager of Customer Support. “We run a very transparent business and that is something that millennials appreciate. As long as you support their best skills and the development of their potential you will get an amazing workforce and amazing results.”

Hiring recent grads like Emily was made easier for Proposify with the help of the Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) program, a provincial salary incentive that helps small businesses, start-ups, social enterprises and non-profits hire recent grads for permanent, full-time jobs in Nova Scotia.

GTO offers 25% of a grad’s first year (35% if the grad is diverse) and 12.5% of a grad’s second year salary to eligible employers in the province.

At least 10 hires at Proposify have been recent grads with their salaries subsidized by GTO.

“The GTO program is an exceptional opportunity to hire talented people into the industry,” says Gunn.

“And, Propsify has a workplace culture like no other,” sayd Clarke. “I feel so lucky that as a part of my role I get to make Proposify feel like home to our new hires hailing from Brazil, India or elsewhere. We are an incredibly welcoming workforce, and our team and business efforts are thriviing as a result.”

To date, over 1.000 grads have landed employment in Nova Scotia with the support of GTO. Learn more at Complete applications are typically turned around within 5 business days.

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