Professional photography is more essential than ever before

Professional photography is more essential than ever before

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This is a guest post from Jive Photographic Productions
(Member since 2019)


James Ingram
Director and Owner Operator

Professional photography and video have always been an item on the marketing budget that seemed expendable – it’s mistake number one.

Today, many small- to medium-sized businesses know the value of both video and photography. How could you not in this social media world? DIY photographers have taken over most of this medium. But the power of great photography and video is more valuable today in your marketing budget than ever before.

Displaying professionally taken photos alongside your social media posts makes them far more likely to be engaged with by your target audiences. It grows your brand and organically reaches more potential customers.

With about 445 million photos being posted per day on social media, well thought-out photography and video shoots with professionals are essential. They take marketing campaigns to the next level regardless the size of your business.

So why are these two formats very valuable to your business? The way your business is portrayed visually reflects your brand. High-quality photography and video are vital for most businesses' primary marketing tool: your website. Although many people use DIY photography for social, I suggest using a mix of professional photography and DIY. It gives great visual content along with some spontaneous moments.

For many businesses, a photography and video budget may seem overwhelming with so many costs adding up to the overall marketing budget. A well planned-out photography or video shoot can give you a great bang for your buck. Planning is crucial since it allows you to leverage the photographer's time to its fullest potential. To ensure this, meet with the photographer first and review concepts and ideas to make sure you are both on the same page.

Make lists for shot, wardrobe and props, and send them to the photographer before the day of the shoot. Be prepared. Review the lists and discuss the best location for the shoot ¬– whether at your business, exterior or in-studio. Make sure you have full access to the location to run into the least amount of interruptions, saving time and ensuring the shot list is completed.

Hire models and choose props that reflect how you want to be seen. Review these decisions with the photographer, as they can give you the best advice on choosing the right elements for the shoot.

If you are the decision-maker, be on set. You should be available to approve the end product, or at least ensure someone trustworthy is making these approvals. Make sure retouching is included in the budget. It’s an important part of photo production.

A well-planned photography shoot will ensure capture of the best images. Yes, our appetite for information is fickle but great professional photography tells your story without saying a word. A professional photographer should be able to get the value proposition of your brand and translate it into photography and video.

Relevant content is going to be increasingly more important in the coming years. And professional photography will continue to become an invaluable service in delivering your brand to market.

Jive Photographic Productions is offering all services at a 50% discount for those affected by COVID-19.

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