Preparing for the polls

Preparing for the polls

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Patrick Sullivan, PRESIDENT & CEO, Halifax Chamber of Commerce

It’s summertime in Canada and Canadians and Canadian politicians are preparing for the federal election coming early in the fall. We live in a democracy and in an effort to maintain this democracy, we as citizens need to be engaged and informed as we head to the polls.

At the Chamber we believe in the power of democracy. We know the peoples’ voice should be heard regularly, and should influence our city and help its thriving business community.

We’re looking forward to the next few months of encouraging and supporting our members in order to boost voter turnout in our region. We are committed to helping our members succeed and participate by encouraging them to use their voice.

We saw an increase in voter turnout in 2015, especially amongst youth ages
18 to 24 who came out to vote in numbers
20 per cent higher than the previous election in 2011. We were thrilled to see such a substantial increase and believe this is essential in order to ensure that our leaders recognize how important it is to provide a vision to all constituents.

We need to ride this momentum and show even more young people the value and importance of their vote.

Many have speculated the reasons behind the low youth voter turnout, including a lack of trust in the system, information and desire. We’re lucky at the Chamber to boast many student members. They’re active in their community and engaged on political issues. They want to improve the current business and social climate, partly through their Chamber membership. This dramatic increase in voter turnout is in part thanks to our population of driven youth finding their voice and using it.

We are confident that with strong engagement from all Canadians during this 2019 election, the result will be one that rises from the voice of the people. The resulting government will be one chosen on the merit of their platforms, and the country will move forward, continuing to grow, prosper and compete on a global scale.

Keep an eye out for the Chamber’s social media campaign we’re launching this summer in preparation for the election! #VoteYourConcernsHFX

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