Motryx Inc takes off with the help of new blood

Motryx Inc takes off with the help of new blood

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A small start-up in Downtown Halifax is using its new data-sensor technology to read the quality of blood samples when they’re being moved from one place to the next. This innovation is already having a tremendous impact on the efficiency of numerous laboratories and hospitals and has the potential to benefit entire health care systems around the world.

And now, a new grad is helping the company expand its business across two continents. Niva Sabeshan graduated from the Dalhousie MBA program in April and joined Motryx’s team of 8 as their Business Development Manager.

“Niva comes to the table with a lot of experience that is not in any of our areas of expertise,” says Dr. Franziska Broell, CEO of Motryx. “It has something to do with her education, and a lot to do with her self-starter attitude. As a small start-up, we need her level of motivation and ability to take initiative to help us meet our growth potential.”

Within a month on the job, Niva completely immersed herself in the company and took over all financial grant writing. She’s now focused on expanding their client base throughout Europe and the United States.

“In such a short time she picked up how our company operates and has been instrumental in reflecting our values into our business operations,” says Dr. Broell. “She is building a strong reputation for how our target market will see us internationally.”

Hiring Niva was made easier for Motryx with the Graduate to Opportunity program (GTO), which helps start-ups, small businesses under 100 full-time employees, non-profits and social enterprises offset the cost of hiring a recent graduate.

Employers receive 25% of a grad’s first year salary (35% if the grad is diverse) and 12.5% of a grad’s second year salary from the Province.

“Not enough businesses know about this program,” says Dr. Broell. “GTO’s wage subsidy makes it easier for us to hire top talent in-house.”

“I found a place where I feel motivated to work every day,” says Niva. “As a new grad I came in and immediately assessed the company’s business needs. I get to switch gears quickly, from hiring, to writing reports, to researching or managing our finances. I am learning so much, and at the same time helping set the culture of a new company.”

“I have to think critically. Being so new on the market, we are doing things for the first time and I have to determine how our decisions will affect us long-term. This work is purposeful; I know we are making a difference to patient-care in hospitals. I am excited to launch my career with Motryx. I feel valued here.”

Motryx plans to expand their team as business continues to gain momentum.

To date, over 950 recent graduates are employed across Nova Scotia by employers who accessed GTO funding. If you are a small business, GTO could help you make your next hire: Applications are typically turned around within 5 business days.

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