COVID-19 didn’t put a full-stop to this business

COVID-19 didn’t put a full-stop to this business

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Mina Atia
Halifax Chamber of Commerce
Intern, Communications Coordinator

Sherrie Kearney knew early on, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Nova Scotia, there would be a demand for masks. She saw the trend in countries with the virus already spreading, and she decided to create a cloth design and post it on Facebook.

Kearney waited until Health Canada advised Canadians to wear masks as a preventative measure. She then made and sold 1,228 face masks with the proceeds donated to different Nova Scotian charities, raising $5,200.

For a tartan business after the pandemic, Maritime Tartan Company had a lot fewer orders. “We were supposed to supply a few places in Halifax including a shop at the Cruise Ship Pavilion,” says Kearney. “We had a lot of cancelled orders and online ordering dried up.”

“We were going to make products for performers at the Juno Awards and the East Coast Music Awards. A few weddings we were supplying product for also cancelled” she says.

Kearney received a lot of media attention after her charitable donations. “I’m a very giving and kind person. This is just what I normally do when I see folks in need,” she says.

The community’s response has been extremely positive and demands started to climb back up. Kearney increased her supply of tartan, elastic and threads to make and sell tartan masks. “We decided it was time for us to start making some money back,” she says.

Kearney saw a Halifax Chamber post about CUA, an affinity partner amongst others at the Chamber who are providing support to businesses during the pandemic. “We saw the post and went that route. We applied for a loan.” After having to cut down on costs and lay off her only employee, Kearney got approved for a loan and rehired the employee to keep up with mask demands.

Maritime Tartan Company is a web-based business who adapted their operations to work safely and adhere to social-distancing regulations. They’re taking orders online by email or by phone (902) 441-6721.

Sherrie Kearney making face masks and keeping up with demands

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