Looking for new results?!

Looking for new results?!

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Looking for New Results?!

The current circumstances of COVID-19 call for new way of doing things. Mental health and wealth are vital to thriving during pandemic. Of course, there are local and global economic implications. How will you react or planning to move forward? Remember, most people don’t make sound decisions in a state of FEAR and we can all think of many examples. Allow Mindfulness boost your mental health/wealth to give you a Present!

Small business owners comprise over 90% of Canadian economy. Successful entrepreneurs and organizations recognize the urgency to invest in their biggest asset, themselves, and their team, for highest ROI!

Soft skills are no longer nice to have; they NOW are the key to our wellbeing and economy. Our ability to adapt is the surest way to not only survive this pandemic but thrive well into the future.

New Mindset = New Results

Prior to pandemic Canadian Mental Health Association:

  • Estimated economic burden of mental illness $51 billion per year.
  • Cost of a disability leave for mental illness 2x the cost of leave due to physical illness.
  • Evidence demonstrates promotion, prevention & early intervention show positive ROI.

Although, we do not have current statistics, health professionals unequivocally agree mental health to be our biggest challenge for next 2-5 years. Mental health does not discriminate against employees, entrepreneurs, or CEOs. This is vital when navigating ahead during uncertain times. Work life integration has never been more crucial to our wellbeing and economy!!

BDC’s May 2021, study of entrepreneurs confirms slight improvement over November of 2020, but recommends diversification of coping mechanisms. Small business owners are faced with tough task of not only maintaining their own resiliency but also build capacity, empower, and inspire their team who look to them for direction on how to work in new environment. It is time to respond to challenges of today while looking into horizon.

“The first half of our life, we spend our health to create wealth.

The second half of our life, we spend our wealth to regain our health. This is not always possible!”

Numerous uncertainties, working from home, parenting, home schooling, lack of childcare, elderly care, inability to see loved ones, being home alone, hourly COVID updates, have been taxing. Previous learned coping mechanisms and support systems are no longer available. New professional and personal challenges are presented exponentially and life as we knew has changed with great uncertainties moving forward!

Thriving Through Change

Same old, same old no longer works, time for New Mindset for New Results. Last 18 months have proven Mindset is cornerstone of resiliency. Scientists agree Growth Mindset and Mindfulness improve physical, emotional, and mental health. Resilient individuals manage their stress well, integrating work & life for success, engagement, mental wealth, productivity, and innovation. Mindset is the Key to Adaptability and the surest way to thrive into growth!

Reacting vs Creating

Tips to implement at work or home:

  • Focus on communicating to build bridges of understanding
  • Maintain an ‘open’ door even virtually
  • Walking meetings
  • Monitor low morale
  • Develop set of agreed team behaviours and code of conduct
  • Team building activities during virtual meetings
  • Mindset of Inclusion
  • Daily Meditation
  • Invest in self-awareness
  • Watch your thoughts & beliefs
  • Walk mindfully
  • Let go of old habits that no longer serve you
  • Start habits to support your goals
  • Spend time in nature

We are all exposed to cycles and evolutions throughout life. Those with ability to integrate these energies as opportunities to learn, adjust, grow, and define their purpose, rise above. They in some way, accept negative events as pathways to re-evaluate our plot and plight in life: draw direction, meaning, purpose and even inspiration from it.

Examine your responses to events and experiences. Fill your world with positive. Our perception is our reality. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, managers, and CEOs need to show leadership and demonstrate a positive perception. POSITIVITY is the best bug to spread and catch!!

Floria, is the founder and CEO of Recognize Your Potential. She has happily devoted well over three decades in studying, researching, and simplifying Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, and Positive Mindset to implement at work and life. Information is plentiful, however, turning that information into behaviour needs new way of thinking for Transformation!!

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