Grads inspire innovation

Grads inspire innovation

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This year, the Halifax-based start-up known for inventing the world’s first bionic knee brace shifted gears completely to equip Nova Scotia’s front-line workers during the pandemic.

Spring Loaded Technology hired more than 40 contractors and pumped out a whopping 50,000 face shields over the summer to protect nurses, food producers and vulnerable Nova Scotians from COVID-19.

A key to this quick success lay in the minds of young talent, who helped manage the transition.

“There really is no challenge that is insurmountable to young hires,” says Katie Arsenault, Director of Operations and Controller, Spring Loaded Technology. “Our new grads are key to our continued growth and innovative solutions that help us thrive during such a challenging time.”

In June, Arsenault hired accounting graduate, Jaye O’Brien, to manage their face-shield operation.

“In no time her skillset flourished, and she was completely running the shipping and receiving of face shields on her own,” says Arsenault. “She continues to evolve in our company and hiring her permanently was easier with the help of Graduate to Opportunity.”

The Graduate to Opportunity (GTO) program offers 25 per cent of a grad’s first year salary — 35 per cent if the grad is diverse — and 12.5 per cent of their second-year salary to small businesses, start-ups and non-profits who create permanent full-time jobs for recent grads in Nova Scotia.

Spring Loaded Technology took home first place for Best Youth Employer at Halifax’s 2017 Game Changers awards ceremony. The company has always prided itself on hiring young talent.

“We have multiple GTO hires which gives us the edge of a younger, more adaptable workforce,” says Arsenault. “From digital marketing, to sales and operations management, youth are embedded in all facets of the company. We are proud to be part of their personal and professional growth.”

Acadia University graduate Senewa Sena joined Spring Loaded Technology last year as a Business Development Associate, and says the company allows her to expand her knowledge through hands-on experience.


Senewa Sena is a testament to that statement.

The Acadia University graduate joined the team last year as a Business Development Associate, and says Spring Loaded Technology allows her to expand her knowledge through hands-on experience.

“It is a rich work environment,” says Sena. “I have always felt entrepreneurial, and now I am able to further develop my interpersonal skills and start-up mentality with great coaching support. My outlook has broadened. There are more opportunities in Nova Scotia than I once thought.”

“Sena has a knack for the workings of a small, growing company,” says Arsenault. “We are expanding into new markets, which means we have had to find quality hires quickly. GTO helped us bring someone as talented as her onto the team.”

Arsenault says that the GTO program is the most accessible funding program that they are a part of.

“It is so streamlined, from filling out the application to receiving the funding. We are grateful for a resource that helps us acquire and retain top talent. Our company’s growth as a result of a young team is an indication of what GTO can do for business.”

When you are ready to hire someone new, consider hiring a recent grad. To date, more than 700 organizations like Spring Loaded Technology have hired more than 1,400 recent graduates across Nova Scotia using GTO funding. Complete applications are typically approved within three to five days.

GTO could save you money on the next person you hire. Learn more here.

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